AR Grand Canyon

The Arkansas Grand Canyon is Our Best Kept Secret – Photos Included

Arkansas has a Grand Canyon that rivals the Grand Canyon out West in many ways. You’ll find it off AR 7 near Jasper.

Deep in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas you will find a deep valley known as the Arkansas Grand Canyon. Here in Arkansas, it’s one of the most popular places to photograph.

Growing up in Arkansas, I didn’t know about the Arkansas Grand Canyon (crazy, huh?). Instead, every summer I would head west with my Grandparents to see the Grand Canyon in Arizona. One time, we even chartered a twin engine plane and flew over it to get a better view! I thought views like that could only be found out West.

Arkansas grand canyon
Arkansas Grand Canyon in fog. Photo credit: Trove1

Once I became an adult, I started researching more that Arkansas has to offer. (Here’s a quick plug for my EPIC Arkansas Bucket List that will get you started with 100 AMAZING things to do in this incredible state). That’s when I learned about the Arkansas Grand Canyon.

What’s this? A Grand Canyon in Arkansas?

Yes, it’s true.

Grand Canyon in Arkansas during the Fall
Grand Canyon in Arkansas during the Fall. Photo credit: Danny Baron/ Flickr

Where to Find The Arkansas Grand Canyon

Vance Randolph once said about the Ozarks, “It’s not that the mountains are so high but that the valleys are so deep.” (source) In Arkansas, our highest peak is only 2,753 feet compared to Pikes Peak at 14,114 feet. What makes Arkansas special is the deep, lush valleys.

And that’s exactly what the Arkansas Grand Canyon is, a deep lush valley.

You will find this beautiful scene near Jasper on Hwy AR 7.

Best Place to View the Arkansas Grand Canyon

The best place to pull over and view the canyon is at the Rotary Ann Roadside Park. It has a full 180-degree view of the Ozark Mountains and the Arkansas Grand Canyon.

Sign at the Arkansas Grand Canyon
Sign at the Arkansas Grand Canyon. Photo by Roman K/ Flickr

The sign at the Arkansas Grand Canyon says, “Buffalo River Canyon – Arkansas. The summit of Mt. Judea in the Boston Range of the Ozarks is 2169 feet above sea level. The Buffalo River flows from west to east 1414 feet below this point making this the deepest canyon in the Ozarks. Missouri is visible 40 miles due North. West to East is 50 miles. Area is 1.3 million acres. An Act of Congress in 1972, preserved the Buffalo River for all time.”

Cliff House Inn Near The Arkansas Grand Canyon

If you’re wanting to view the canyon while you dine, nothing beats the Cliff House Inn!

Sunrise over the Arkansas Grand Canyon from the Cliff House Inn
Sunrise over the Arkansas Grand Canyon from the Cliff House Inn. Photo credit: Noel Pennington/ Flickr

The Cliff House Inn in Jasper is famous for it’s view of the Arkansas Grand Canyon. After you enjoy their amazing food, grab a piece of their “Company’s Comin’” pie. They’re famous for that, you know. (They are also one of the most ICONIC restaurants in Arkansas!)

“Our airy dining room is framed by windows overlooking the Arkansas Grand Canyon, the deepest valley in Arkansas. Our menu features the best in home cooking. We have homemade pies and cobblers baked fresh every day.

We are famous for “Company’s Comin’” pie, the state pie of Arkansas. Our kitchen also serves wonderful homemade biscuits with a hearty Ozark breakfast. A daily lunch special is featured along with a variety of entrees and Arkansas fried catfish, steaks, burgers, salads, and pastas.”source

The Cliff House Inn overlooking the Grand Canyon in Arkansas
The Cliff House Inn overlooking the Grand Canyon in Arkansas. Photo credit: Noel Pennington / Flickr

Cliff House Inn Location

You’ll find the Cliff House Inn here:
Take Highway 7 south out of Jasper, Arkansas. The Cliff House Inn will be on the east side of Highway 7. If you are traveling from the south through Russellville you would take Highway 7 North. They are located 60 miles north of Russellville, AR on Highway 7.

Cliff House GPS Coordinates:
35.94536, -93.16241

Visitor Shop near the Grand Canyon in Arkansas
Visitor Shop near the Grand Canyon in Arkansas. Photo by Roman K/ Flickr

Arkansas Grand Canyon Location

How deep is the Arkansas Grand Canyon?

The Arkansas Grand Canyon (or Buffalo River Canyon) ranges in depth from 3,500 to 6,000 feet.

What river runs through the Arkansas Grand Canyon?

The Little Buffalo River runs through the Grand Canyon in Arkansas. That’s why it’s also called the the Buffalo River Canyon.

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