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8 Arkansas Local Raw Honey Apiaries – Buy Raw Honey in Arkansas

Once you taste local, raw Arkansas honey, you’ll never want store-bought honey again! Our Arkansas apiaries raise happy bees that make delicious honey.

Sometimes, people will do crazy things to get what they want. Once upon a time, we wanted raw, Arkansas honey. My father-in-law knew a guy who had honey bees and he got honey from him. So, we wanted in on this deal too.

Since this guy lived a couple towns away, they met in the middle at a tire shop in town and did their trading.

A happy Arkansas bee
A happy Arkansas bee. Photo by Vickie Gray

My father-in-law would call the “bee guy” and tell him how many jars he wanted. Mr. Bee Guy would leave jars of his precious honey at the tire shop. When my father-in-law was in town, he would pick up his jars and leave money for the bee guy.

This is getting long, but hang in there…

When we made the four-hour trip to visit my father-in-law we would pick up our jars of honey from him and pay him back.

It was quite an operation! Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that hard for you!

BEST Arkansas Honey Apiaries

I learned later that there are many great apiaries around Arkansas where you can get raw, local honey. You don’t have to be part of the honey “underground.” So, if you’re looking for honey for sale in Arkansas, you’re in the right place!

1. Richard’s Apiaries in Benton

Richard’s Apiaries is a third generation business, centrally located in beautiful Saline County between Hot Springs and Benton, Arkansas. We are very proud to present pure raw local honey and gourmet honey products. We strive to develop products that are truly tasty, fresh and organic.

Richard’s Apiaries

They have locations in Northwest Arkansas, Central Arkansas, and South Arkansas.

Visit their Official Website for full details.

arkansas raw honey apiaries - richard's apiaries

2. Honeyton Farms in Cabot

Honeyton Farms, located in Cabot, AR, was established in 2012 by two hobby beekeepers who created their apiary by rescuing local swarms of bees from trees, homes, and any places the bees faced extermination.

We are bee whisperers and honey harvesters who believe in the craft of beekeeping. Our mission is to create pure and natural products made directly from the incredible innate gifts that honeybees provide for us. Our honeybees forage consists of nectar and pollen from the blooming plants in Central Arkansas.

Honeyton Farms

You’ll find them here:
Official Website

raw honey in arkansas

3. Brother’s Honey Company in Conway

A locally owned and family operated apiary, and Honey Emporium situated in the heart of Central Arkansas.

As beekeepers, our job description is more along the lines of delegation. We may curate a home for our hives and oversee care for 1.11 million bees, but they have the vital role in our operation. It’s merely our job to protect them from pests and employ sustainable harvest practices to encourage the next bee generation.

Unfiltered – Never Diluted – Never Pasteurized – No Additives

Brother’s Honey Co.

They even have a store front!

You’ll find them here:
Brothers Honey Co.
1100 Bob Courtway Dr.
Suite 11
Conway, Ar 72032
Official Website

arkansas raw honey

4. Walnut Valley Honey Company in Little Rock

Walnut Valley Honey Company is a small family-run beekeeping operation in Little Rock, Arkansas. We keep our own honey bees, and manage them as gently as we know how.  We also supply bee hives to help pollinate local community gardens.

Our raw honey is as fresh and pure as the bees themselves make it.

Walnut Valley Honey Company

You can find them here:
Official Website

5. Hogeye Honey in Hogeye

Veteran-owned honeybee farm located just south of Fayetteville, Arkansas. We sell honey and honeybees to Northwest Arkansas. Hardworking bees produce all of our honey locally.

The name Hogeye comes from our location. Hogeye, Arkansas is a small community located on the edge of the Boston Mountains nestled against the Illinois River. It is a perfect place to have bees, plenty of natural forage and no commercial cropland.

Hogeye Honey

You can find them here:
(479) 301-0466
Official Website

local honey in arkansas

6. Buffalo River Honey in Compton

We feature the finest, all-natural wilderness flower honey that money can buy. Our hives are located in the pristine Upper Buffalo River Area that encompasses two wilderness areas and thousands of acres of untouched woodlands.

We operate only 100 hives. Our bees harvest nectar from wildflowers untouched by chemical pesticides. Each year our honey, like fine wine, varies according to the flower blooms and the impact of the seasons. One thing remains constant, the character of our honey is unlike any you have ever tasted. You have not tasted pure wild honey until you taste our honey.

Buffalo River Honey

Official Website

arkansas honey

7. Hearl’s Honey Bees in Rogers

We are a woman and veteran-owned apiary in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas, registered with the state. Our bees have beautiful Beaver Lake and Hobbs State Conservation Park at our back door to do their foraging. The bees are on our land, and we personally care for them and process the honey ourselves.

We started our bee yard to help bees, and to provide fresh, unheated, unpasteurized and real, local honey to our community. We also do not filter. The honey is only passed through a strainer to remove wax when processed. We harvest twice a year to ensure the bees have enough for their hives, and only take if the queen needs room for more laying.

Hearl’s Honey Bees

arkansas raw honey

Raw. Unfiltered. Chemical-Free. Local. Pure.

You can find them here:
Official Website
(479) 222-1313

8. Lake in the Willows Apiary

“Lake in the Willows Apiary harvests raw natural Honey, Honeycomb, and Beeswax. We make Creamed Honey, Candles, Lip Balm, Lotions, Balms and Wood Conditioner.” –source

This Arkansas apiary comes highly recommended from a friend of mine who absolutely loves it!

You can find them here on Facebook.

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