underground cities and caves in Arkansas

Beneath the Surface: Exploring the Underground Towns & Caves In Arkansas

Hey there, friends! Ever heard of Arkansas’s hidden cities? Well, I’m going to take you on ride through the mysterious world of underground cities right here in the “The Natural State.”

This is unbelievable!

Now, you might think of Arkansas as an outdoor playground filled with beautiful lakes, hiking, camping and neat little towns. And you’d be right! But guess what? Beneath all that natural beauty lies a fascinating subterranean world that’s amazing.

1. Old Spanish Treasure Cave

In the heart of the Ozark Mountains, miners long ago were after zinc and lead, but what they ended up with was a whole lot more.

The legend goes that the “Old Spanish Treasure Cave” near Sulphur Springs might just hold some of the treasures stashed away by Spanish conquistadors way back in the 16th century.

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2. Blanchard Springs Caverns

Then, there’s Blanchard Springs Caverns, deep in the Ozark-St. Francis National Forest. Think stalactites, stalagmites, and flowstones galore. If you’re into geology or just love jaw-dropping sights, this place is a must-visit.

I remember my first trip there. It was mind-blowing!

They’ve got guided tours that’ll make you feel like an underground explorer!

3. Underground in Eureka Springs

Now, let’s talk Eureka Springs, a town that faced its share of fires back in the late 1800s. What did they do? They went underground!

They created a whole network of streets, tunnels, and even an underground auditorium. These days, you can take a stroll through history on guided tours, learning about the town’s past and the challenges faced during its construction. It’s like stepping back in time, literally!

4. Underground tunnels in Rush, Arkansas

And then there’s Rush, Arkansas – a ghost town with a golden past. Zinc was discovered on Rush Mountain in the 1880s. It was heavily mined during World War I with 10 mining companies working in the area.

The result? Abandoned tunnels that echo with history. You can actually explore the remnants of the town!

Rush, Arkansas underground

However, even though you cannot go into the underground tunnel, exploring the remnants of the town is amazing.

5. Davidsonville Historic State Park

Little of Davidsonville’s existence is evident above ground; archeological excavations here are still uncovering streets, foundations, and artifacts. –source

Situated on a border between The Ozarks and the Arkansas Delta, the park preserves the remains of the abandoned frontier town of Davidsonville. –source

Let’s go!

So, what’s the deal with all this underground excitement? Well, these underground places in Arkansas offer something truly unique. They’re like portals to the past, revealing stories of struggle, innovation, and sheer determination.

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