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Is There a Volcano in Arkansas?

There are several peaks in The Natural State that look suspicious but does Arkansas have volcanoes?

The short answer is no. Arkansas does not have any volcanoes. We have tornadoes that might scare you but no volcanoes.

However, our Crater of Diamonds State Park sits on top of an ancient volcano in Arkansas.

According to Wikipedia, “The Crater of Diamonds volcanic pipe is part of a 95-million-year-old eroded volcano. The deeply sourced lamproite magma, from the upper mantle, brought the diamonds to the surface. The diamonds had crystallized in the cratonic root of the continent long before and were sampled by the magma as it rose to the surface.”source

There are no volcanoes in Arkansas
Don’t worry. You won’t find this in Arkansas!

So, not only are you safe from volcanoes in Arkansas but you can actually dig up some pretty sweet rewards from our ancient volcano!

Want some diamonds for yourself?

Check this out: Ancient Volcano In Arkansas: Crater Of Diamonds State Park

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