Beard and Lady Inn Chester Arkansas

The Historic Beard and Lady Inn in Chester Arkansas

Recently, I was planning a trip to Northwest Arkansas to explore Devil’s Den State Park. I was looking for a place to be homebase while exploring the area and that’s when I discovered the Beard and Lady Inn in Chester, Arkansas.

Yes, the state park has cabins but I wanted something unique. Something luxurious.

The Beard and Lady Inn turned out to be the PERFECT place to stay! It’s beautiful, comfortable, historic and relaxing.

What I didn’t know when booking was that there have been reports of paranormal activity…

Today, I’m going to share everything you need to know about this beautiful, historic hotel including my experience with paranormal activity!

History of the Beard and Lady Inn

“Built in 1887 by prominent business owner Jacob Yoes, The Beard and Lady Inn began as The Chester Inn: a hotel and dry goods store.” While doing research, I also learned that this building was once known as the “Col. Jacob Yoes Building.”

1888 (February) – Jacob Yoes and his sons open a hotel and dry goods store from hand-kilned bricks called the Chester House which is now the Beard and Lady Inn


The Inn survived two massive fires in 1908 and 1936 and two town-wide floods in 1934 and 1957.

Historic Beard and Lady Inn

This inn was the only structure left standing in Chester after these four disasters. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

Chester has three buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. One is the Masonic lodge and community building, built in 1942 using some pieces of a previous building. Another is the Jacob Yoes store, the only structure in Chester to survive both fires and both floods. The third is the schoolhouse, refurbished in the 1980s, forty years after the school had closed.


About the Beard and Lady Inn

“At our restored 1887 Hotel, we offer 11 cozy guest rooms furnished in time period decor. At the Beard and Lady Inn, we always look for the opportunity to look below the mundane and tap into the extraordinary.” source

Only one room has it’s own bathroom: Room 11. All the other rooms share beautiful common bathrooms. (There are separate bathrooms for men and women.)

Beard and Lady bathroom
The Ladies Bathroom at the Beard and Lady Inn

Below is a photo of the showers in the shared ladies bathroom. They are spacious, clean and beautifully designed.

Beard and Lady shower

Paranormal Experiences at the Beard and Lady Inn

When we checked in to the hotel, I had no idea there were reports of paranormal activity. That’s something I realized once we got there.

Did this worry me? Absolutely not.

I don’t go looking for trouble.

We didn’t experience any paranormal activity while staying at the Beard and Lady Inn. We had an absolutely wonderful stay and I wouldn’t personally label the hotel as haunted.

That’s just me.

Lindsey at the Beard and Lady Inn in Chester Arkansas
Lindsey in Chester, Arkansas

Like I said, I don’t go looking for those sorts of things either so take my opinion as you like.

Some people claim to have had paranormal experiences there. I think it might have even been featured on a TV show.

With that being said, I highly recommend this hotel to everyone! It’s a beautiful, historic, and gorgeously designed hotel with a friendly atmosphere.

Basically, if you go looking for paranormal activity, maybe you’ll find it. If you don’t, you won’t and you’ll have a lovely and relaxing stay like I did!

Reported Paranormal Activity

Apparently, a long time ago, a hotel guest named Clarence froze to death on the hotel balcony and some say footsteps can be heard wandering the building late at night.

I never heard Clarence.

Beard and Lady Inn Hall

However, I was also up until 1 a.m. working and making coffee at the coffee station so Clarence’s footsteps probably couldn’t be heard over my own.

Sorry, Clarence.

What I DID see were bullet holes in the upstairs ceiling. We will call these “historic bullet holes” because they were found by the current owner during restoration.

Also, hold on to your short here…

There is a section of floor in the upstairs hallway that the wood floor stain wouldn’t adhere to properly. That section is in the shape of a body…

The owner told me that, she was told that the floor stain/sealant wouldn’t adhere were blood had previously been.

When you go stay, ask them about it and they will show you the location.

When you consider the age of this building and everything that it has been throughout the years (including an inn, bordello, doctor’s office, etc.) the “character” is expected. I find it fascinating!

How to Book

If you would like to book a room (or several) at the Beard and Lady Inn, you can do that here!

There are 11 beautiful rooms to choose from. Keep in mind that room #11 has a bathroom and can be joined with room #10.

Room #11
Room 11

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