free range egg farms in arkansas

4 Free-Range Egg Farms in Arkansas

The first time I ever tasted a free-range, farm fresh egg was at my grandfather-in-law’s house. He had about 20 chickens and he would collect eggs each evening.

He would bring them in the house in an old, metal Folger’s coffee can. We spent many nights at his house with our infant daughter one winter. I remember watching him come in the back door with his big can of eggs. After he changed out of his winter coat and gloves, he would bring the eggs into the kitchen to wash them.

Happy Arkansas rooster - Arkansas fresh eggs farms
Happy Arkansas rooster. Photo credit: Vickie Gray

After they were washed and dried, he would carefully place them in egg cartons then stack them in his refrigerator. When it came time for us to pack and head home, he would send about 8 dozen eggs with us. We lived about 4 hours from him and he wanted to make sure we were well supplied.

We always dreaded running out of his good eggs and having to “go to town” for store-bought eggs.

Country chickens and friends - Arkansas egg farms
Country chickens and friends. Photo credit: Jeff Gray

Not only did his laying hens have access to grass and delicious bugs, he also took great care of them. They had a big coop in which he would close them up each night for their safety. Their large, fenced area had several big oak trees in it for shade in the summer. In the winters, he made sure they had heat so they wouldn’t get too cold.

Happy hens lay tasty eggs.

The farms listed here think just like Grandpa did. They raise happy hens that produce nutritious eggs for us all to enjoy.

Contact the farm nearest you and start getting happy eggs. You can thank me later.

1. Bradford Valley Farms in Damascus

Our eggs come from Layers that get the best world possible! Moved every few days to a new clean slate of green pasture for them to peck and scratch at making their yolks a deep golden yellow and full of flavor. Truly the best tasting eggs around.

Bradford Valley Farms
free range eggs in arkansas - bradford valley farms in arkansas

Phone: (503) 803-9253
Official Website

2. Lil Cypress Creek Heritage Farms in Conway

Mike and Tricia over at Lil Cypress Creek Heritage Farms are the kind of people who make Arkansas look good. They saw their land lying idle and decided to do something about it.

So, they rolled up their sleeves and got busy! Today, they have a beautiful farm that produces milk, beef, eggs, and much more. You won’t want to miss this farm!

• Fed a non-GMO feed (such as Highland Naturals).
• 24/7 access to the outdoors.

Lil Cypress Creek Heritage Farms

You’ll find them here:
Mike and Tricia Gill
328 Beryl Road                     
Conway, AR 72032
Phone: (501) 339-7375
Official Website

3. Bushel & Peck Hobby Farm in Lonoke

Now, if you want to encounter some nice folks, you’ll find them at Bushel & Peck Hobby Farm. I contacted them via Facebook to get the full details about their farm and I was met with overwhelming kindness even though I was pelting them with questions. These people are the real deal. Southern kindness at it’s best!

free range egg farms in arkansas
Photo provided by Bushel & Peck. Aren’t their eggs beautiful?

We believe at our core that no success comes without hard work. We find this to be especially true in the aspect of raising animals and livestock. Because we want only the best from our chickens, we first provide them with only the best of resources. Our hens are always free-ranged, provided with nutritious feed and clean water, offered vegetables scraps and treats, they are groomed and offered affection, and are given the instinctive freedom to roam as any animal should. We do what’s right by our animals and the benefits that stem from that are simply just a bonus.

Bushel & Peck

They are located just South of Lonoke city limits. “We operate and live on a family farm, mostly comprised of row crop land and farm-raised fish ponds,” they said.

You can find them here:
Bushel & Peck Facebook Page
Just send them a message and they’ll get right back to you!

4. Mountain Meadows Farm in Hatfield

We are committed to growing wholesome food for families to increase health, awareness, and a cooperative spirit.  We want to return to our roots and support the small farmers, while being ecologically aware and efficient with the land God entrusted to us.  Sustainable farm living is our way of life. 

We raise grass-fed beef, forage pork, pastured chickens and turkeys, and free range eggs. The pigs, chickens, and turkeys are fed a high quality Non-GMO certified feed and organic Fertrell Minerals.  All our animals are antibiotic, hormone, and steroid FREE.

Mountain Meadows Farm

You’ll find them here:
Don & Mary Kelley
255 Polk Road 30
Hatfield, AR 71945
Official Website

free range eggs in arkansas - mountain meadows farm in hatfield

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