grass fed beef farms in arkansas

[BEST] Grass-Fed Beef Farms in Arkansas

There are many grass-fed beef farms in Arkansas

Grass-fed beef is something that many of us Arkansans are passionate about. We care about the animals we raise and the food we put on the table. That’s why we have some of the best grass-fed beef farms in the country.

When it comes to raising cattle, Arkansans know how to do it right. These farms have been named the “Best Grass-Fed Beef Farms in Arkansas” for their attention to and care of the animals.

They all have a true love for what they do and it shows in the product they create. If you want to see happy cows, you’ll find them on these farms.

For the best farm-to-table beef experience, contact one of these farms that is nearest to you. You won’t be disappointed.

Ranch on the Rock in Northwest Arkansas

Hi, We are James & Elaine Couch, owner/operators of Ranch on the Rock, home of the finest grass fed, grass finished beef in Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma. Our goal is to make delicious, good-for-you beef affordable for our customers. We strive to deliver you the very best value. What you get from us is healthy, lean, perfectly aged, nothing added to, reasonably priced beef! We offer beef from grass fed, grass finished Beefmaster and Angus crosses born and raised on our farm in NW Arkansas.Ranch on the Rock

You’ll find them here:
9350 N Stateline Rd
Maysville, AR 72747
Official Website

Arkansas beef farm
Arkansas cattle. Photo credit: Jeff Gray

Sadler Farms in Greenwood

Not only are the Sadlers great farmers, they are also part of my family! They are kind, hard-working folks that you will love.

Our family farm was first established on February 26th, 1853 as part of a U.S. Government Land Grant. For more than 167 years, and for six generations, our farm has been part of our family. Presently, our farm’s main crop is pasture and hay – used to raise Black Angus cattle. Our cattle are truly homegrown…  born on our farm and naturally raised on open pastures. We supply families pasture raised, grain-fed finished, prime-quality beef. Our goal is to preserve our farm for future generations. –Sadler Farms

You’ll find them here:
4000 Mount Zion Road
Greenwood, Arkansas 72936
Chad (Northwest Arkansas): 479-640-2535
Wes (River Valley): 479-806-6264
Official Website

Arkansas cows
Arkansas cattle. Photo credit: Jeff Gray

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Flying C Ranch in Conway

If you’re looking for a great ranch in Central Arkansas, this is it!

Flying C Ranch began in 1980 with a farmer who had a passion. Dr. Robert Clark started with just 16 head of cattle as a hobby but it wasn’t long before his past-time activity flourished into a large scale endeavor. The herd has since developed into a large cow-calf operation on over 600 acres of farm land in Conway, Arkansas. Their meat is healthy, farm-fresh, pasture raised, and can be followed from the birth of the calf to the dinner plate. Their steers spend their entire life on the farm in a low stress environment with gentle handling.Flying C Ranch

You’ll find them here:
Conway, AR 72032
Phone: (501) 454-2667
Official Website

arkansas cow farm
Arkansas cattle farm. Photo credit: Jeff Gray

Bradford Valley Farms in Damascus

I love how Bradford Valley Farms operates!

We believe that animals should be raised like they were 100 years ago. Foraging. Grazing. Pastured. This ensures the most nutritionally dense food that is not only better tasting, but better for you. We started this farm for our children, to give them the best food we could provide. Now, we want to extend that to you all. Our cows graze on our pastures, never receiving any grain or feed for any reason. Our cows are steroid, antibiotic, and hormone free. The way cows should be! Our cows “mow” our grass right before our chickens graze across the pasture, making it a truly symbiotic relationship on the farm! Bradford Valley Farms

AR beef farm
Arkansas cattle. Photo credit: Jeff Gray

Bradford Valley Farms is also one of the best Free-Range Egg Farms in Arkansas!

You’ll find them here:
Official Website

Best Meat Processing in Arkansas

Since we’re talking about great grass-fed beef in Arkansas, we can’t pass up the opportunity to talk about an Arkansas owned meat processing facility.

Cypress Valley Meat Company is one of the most respected meat processing companies in Arkansas.

Headquartered in Vilonia, this amazing company has been serving Arkansans for nearly two decades.

At Cypress Valley Meat Company, we’ve processed thousands of head livestock, which means we’ve perfected our processes.


Contact them with your livestock processing needs.

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