best and worst campsites at Petit Jean State Park

Best & Worst Campsites at Petit Jean State Park

I have tent camped at Petit Jean, camped in our RV, stayed in a motorhome, a YURT, and rented a cabin and every experience was a blast. 

Petit Jean State Park YURT #3

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One of my favorite memories of Petit Jean State Park was the sunrise on our tent during one trip and hearing the crows “talking” to each other in the trees. It was so peaceful. 

The hiking at Petit Jean is epic. We have hiked every single trail except the Boy Scout trail that is 12 miles. Besides that, the Boy Scout trail uses all the other trails to make it 12 total miles so that means we have actually hiked a lot of the Boy Scout trail.

BIG TIP: While you’re at Petit Jean, don’t miss the hike down to Cedar Falls! (pictured below)

Cedar Falls at Petit Jean State Park

Where to Find 50 amp Service

Loops A & B are AAA sites. That means that they have 50 amp service, water and sewer!

Loop B has a brand new shower house.

Loop A has the worst shower house in the entire park.

But, if you have full hookups, you probably won’t need it anyway.

**Loop A is the only camping area that is on Lake Bailey. All the other camping areas are in the woods.

Where to Park a Big Rig

If you have a big rig, Loops A & B will be the easiest for you to park in.  Plus, they are all AAA.

Plenty of people park their big rigs in Loops C & D but those sites can be very hit or miss. Some of them are very unlevel and only the shortest rigs have a chance.

Plus, these two areas have a lot more trees. That’s great in the summer heat but that also means less room to maneuver a big rig.

The Worst Campsite at Petit Jean State Park

The award for the worst campsite at Petit Jean State Park goes to site #116.

Keep in mind that this is just my opinion but that site is steep. We saw a short trailer parked there and they had the front end up on so many blocks to get it level that it looked unsafe.

Something else to keep in mind is that Loop B is the newest. That means that it’s almost all in full sun.

Hiking Tips

Petit Jean State Park has 8 hiking trails. Here are some of my favorites:

  • If you are looking for an easy trail with instant gratification, head straight to Bear Cave Trail.
  • Cedar Falls Trail is a 2 mile, strenuous trail that will take you down to the waterfall pictured above!
  • Rock House Cave Trail is also short and leads you to a MASSIVE cave that you do NOT want to miss.
  • The CCC Hike & Bike Trail is paved!

Keep in mind that Petit Jean State Park also has a beautiful lodge and cabins! 

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Petit Jean State Park Location

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