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BEST Place to Fish in Sherwood Arkansas

If you enjoy fishing, you’ll love the community fishing pond in Sherwood! Actually named the Barnhardt Park, we just call it “the pond in Sherwood.”

My husband and I love to take our kids there. We especially like walking around the paved trail and watching the ducks.

I contacted the Director of Parks and Recreation to get the full details of the pond and park.

“The pond was developed in the very early 2000’s and is stocked by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission on their schedule. They stock in the winter with trout and summer with catfish and a few other species.”

community fishing pond in sherwood arkansas
skipping rocks in the creek that feeds the fishing pond

The Barnhardt Pond is considered an Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Community Pond.

This half acre pond, located just off of Kiehl Avenue near the Sherwood Police Department, is the perfect place to drop a line within the city. -source

Daily Limits:
Catfish – 3
Trout – 5
Bream – 25

If you catch a Largemouth Bass, you must release it immediately into the water.

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community fishing pond in sherwood arkansas
The fishing pond in Sherwood, the creek that feeds it, and workout equipment along the walking trail.

Open to fishing with handheld rod or pole only.

Don’t forget your fishing license and trout permit!

The park is open during daylight hours.

The trail is approximately 1/4 mile. Fitness equipment was installed in 2019.

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