handicap accessible waterfalls arkansas

Handicap Accessible Waterfalls in Arkansas

Arkansas has many great waterfalls to enjoy and, fortunately, some of them are handicap accessible and don’t take bushwhacking skills to see them!

Today I wanted to talk about handicap accessible waterfalls in Arkansas. Some of these have wheelchair friendly sidewalks to the overlooks, others are very short walks that make them accessible depending on your disability. Although we have many great hiking trails in Arkansas, these are some of the best and are easy for everyone.

Handicap Accessible Waterfalls in Arkansas

No matter your ability, these falls shouldn’t be missed! They are beautiful and worth the trip.

Cedar Falls at Petit Jean State Park

Petit Jean State Park has a fantastic campground and many people who camp or visit there also like to hike down to the base of Cedar Falls.

However, if your abilities limit that hike, you can still experience this beautiful waterfall from the top! Cedar Falls Overlook is wheelchair/handicap accessible and gives you a bird’s eye view of Cedar Falls.

This is the view form the base of the falls. The view from the top is just as spectacular. Photo credit: Trove1

OR…if you’re like me and sometimes just don’t feel like sweating all the way down to the base of the falls in the humid Arkansas summers, the overlook is a great, quick stop that has a view that you won’t soon forget!

Petit Jean State Park has been named one of the BEST campgrounds in Arkansas with waterfalls!

Collins Creek Trail and Cascade in Heber Springs

Collins Creek Trail offers a short walk to the cascade portion of the creek. This is a fairly wide dirt path. Although not wheel chair accessible, we met a couple at the cascade who said they always choose this hike/walk because they can easily get to the cascade even with their knee injuries.

Once you get to the cascade, you can stay and play a while or choose to walk to end of the trail where there is another pool of water. The walk to the cascade is only about 50 yards long while the entire trail ends up being 1.2 miles.

handicap accessible waterfalls arkansas collins creek trail
After just 50 yards of easy walking, you’ll find Collin Creek Cascade.

On the day we visited, we just walked to the cascade and played since I was carrying our 2-year-old on my hip.

Collins Creek Trail ends in the JFK Campground and Recreation Area. Many people choose to camp there and hike the trail backward to reach the cascade. However, the backward hike will be just a little more strenuous. While you’re in the area, don’t miss the JFK Overlook of the Greers Ferry Dam also.

You can see more photos of Collin Creek Trail here: [BEAUTIFUL] Collins Creek Trail and Cascade

Blanchard Springs Trail near Mountain View

Blanchard Springs Trail is an easy trail that has a concrete walkway out to the falls. There is handicapped parking close to the trailhead. You will find this wide path easily maneuverable in a wheelchair or with strollers.

Blanchard Springs waterfall. Photo credit: Trove1

Also named one of the BEST Arkansas hikes with kids, Blanchard Springs Trail is great for everyone!

Bridal Veil Falls in Heber Springs

At Bridal Veil Falls in Heber Springs, you will find a nice, short, easy path to the overlook that’s close to the parking lot. The beginning of the trail is an easy dirt path that turns into wooden steps.

easy handicap accessible waterfalls in arkansas
Once you peer over the side of this overlook, the view is amazing!

The easy trail leads you to the overlook. It’s a great place to view the falls from the top and take photos. Peering over the edge, you will see one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Arkansas.

handicap accessible trail that leads to bridal veil falls overlook heber springs arkansas
This is the easy trail that leads to the Bridal Veil Falls overlook.

See all of my photos of Bridal Veil Falls here: [BREATHTAKING ADVENTURE] Bridal Veil Falls in Heber Springs, Arkansas

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