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3 BEST Kid-Friendly Parks in Sherwood, Arkansas

Sherwood just happens to be my hometown so I’m especially excited to write about all the kid-friendly parks there!

Our kids love a day at the park. We go all out. We pack picnic lunches, scooters, water bottles, etc. You name it and we pack it.

You would think that we were planning a week long vacation by the way we pack the back of our truck for a simple park outing. But, if you’ve ever been having a great day at the park and suddenly realize it’s windy and you have no Chapstick…you know what I mean.

Anyhow, we have tried and loved all of these parks and I know you will too!

Just don’t forget your Chapstick.

And water bottles. And Band-Aids. And snacks. And paper towels for after you eat those snacks and you have sticky hands…

BEST Kid-Friendly Parks in Sherwood, AR

Austin Lake Park

First and foremost, we love this park because, besides having fun playground equipment, there are also so many sidewalks throughout the Austin Lake neighborhood for walking.

It’s nice to let the kids play on the playground then take a long walk on the wonderful sidewalks. It’s a nice, quiet neighborhood that’s perfect for walking.

5024 Austin Lakes Circle
Sherwood, AR 72120

Delmont Park

This park was always a favorite of mine when I was young. It’s still a great park with lots of excellent updated playground equipment!

There is also a grill and fantastic picnic areas. So, bring your burger fixins and have a ball!

307 Delmont Avenue
Sherwood, AR 72120

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Indianhead Park

This park also happens to be next to the Indianhead Pool! The Indianhead Park is in a nice, shady area that’s perfect for playing on hot summer days.

This park also has a great picnic area. Sometimes, we like to grab a pizza at Little Caesar’s then head on over to the park for effortless fun!

33 Deerfield Drive
Sherwood, AR 72120

Barnhardt Park

Barnhardt Park next to the police station on Kiehl Avenue, doesn’t have playground equipment but there is an excellent walking trail, bridge, and fishing pond.

It’s our favorite place to go fishing in Sherwood!

Our kids also like to take their scooters and ride around the paved trail. On the weekends and after school hours, we walk over to Oakbrooke Elementary School and play on the playground equipment there.


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