red foxes in Arkansas

Red Foxes in Arkansas

The Red fox in Arkansas is one of only two “true foxes” that live in the state. They are a treasure here in The Natural State. Seeing one in the wild here in Arkansas is a real treat!

There are 37 species of foxes in the world but only 12 of them are “true foxes.” There are two species of “true foxes” in Arkansas and they are the Gray fox and the Red fox.

What does a red fox look like?

The Arkansas Red fox has that classic red coat that so many people recognize. I grew up watching the old Disney movie called “Fox and the Hound.” In that movie, Tod the Red fox became best friends with Copper the hound dog. I loved that movie. I can still hear Tod’s voice!

Tod was a classic Red fox that had that beautiful red coat that many of us think of when we think of a fox.

Besides the red coat, Red foxes also have long snouts and red fur on their faces, backs, sides, and tails. However, their throats and bellies are grayish-white.

They have black feet and black tips on their ears.

Red foxes are often confused with gray foxes, which share a similar habitat and range. This can make identification difficult, because some red foxes can have large patches of gray fur and gray foxes have patches of red fur. source

What makes a Red fox stand out from a Gray fox is their white-tipped tail. Gray fox can sometimes have reddish fur but you will always know if it’s a true Red fox by the white-tip on the tail.

Where do red foxes live in Arkansas?

Many Arkansans have walked up on Red foxes while hiking and they have even spotted them napping in their backyards.

Although the Gray fox prefers wooded areas with thick underbrush, the Red fox prefers open land like pastures, meadows, and open fields.

Red foxes have also adapted well to urban and suburban areas so you might even spot them in parks and on the golf course.

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Foxes love to eat cottontail rabbits so you will find them most anywhere you’ll find cottontails.

What sound does a red fox make?

A red fox makes a bark or howl sounds. Sometimes it even sounds like a scream which can be very frightening if it catches you off guard!

Here is a video of a Red fox in northwest Wyoming.

If I heard this sound while camping in Arkansas, I can guarantee you that I would be terrified! It almost sounds like the animal is hurt.

Red foxes and dogs are both in the Canidae family. So, yes, red foxes are related to dogs. However, they are more like cousins than close relatives.

Foxes and dogs are part of the same family but they are different species and have different characteristics.

In case you’re wondering, dogs are also related to wolves and coyotes.

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