Coghlans Camp Fork Review

[HONEST REVIEW] Coghlan’s Camp Fork

We’ve been roasting marshmallows and hot dogs on stretched out wire clothes hangers for years. However, those are not sturdy and it was time for a change.

We’ve been doing a lot of camping lately and we wanted a sturdy camp fork that would hold up to the weight of several hot dogs.

After a quick search online, we decided to give Coghlan’s Camp Forks a try.

Today, I will tell you the good and the bad of these camp forks.

Features of Coghlan’s Camp Fork

  • Heavy-duty chrome-plated steel shaft with stay-cool wooden handle
  • Perfect as a hot dog skewer or a marshmallow roasting stick
  • An essential tool for any camping trip
  • Length: 41″ (104 cm)
  • (source)
Coghlan's Camp Fork handle
Coghlan’s Camp Fork handle

Are Coghlan’s Camp Forks Telescoping?

These camp forks are not telescoping. Personally, I love that they are not. I have found that although telescoping camp forks are easier to pack, they are not as sturdy.

We easily store these camp forks in the back of our truck when we camp.

The fact that they don’t telescope is not a problem! It’s a feature that I really appreciate.

How Sturdy Are These Camp Forks?

You can load four hot dogs on to these camp forks easily and they will not bend from the weight.

We have also used them to move logs around on the fire when we have forgotten the proper equipment.

The packaging claims that these can’t forks are built to last and I believe it!

My well used camp fork
My well used camp fork

These camp forks feel like a quality product from long ago. You just don’t find products made this well anymore. There is a reason why campers from the 50s didn’t use thin, telescoping camp forks. They weren’t sturdy.

How Long Are The Camp Forks?

From end to end, these camp forks are 41 in long.

If you have ever roasted marshmallows over a campfire using a wire clothes hanger, you understand how important it is to be as far away from a hot fire as possible.

There have been too many times when I was almost positive I lost my eyebrows due to trying to get the perfect roast on my marshmallow.

The length of the Coghlan’s Camp Fork means that you can comfortably sit in your camp chair, roast your marshmallows and keep your eyebrows intact.

Customer reviews of Coghlan’s Camp Fork

Here are what some customers are saying about these camp forks.

  • The forks are a great price and are fantastic for roasting marshmallows on a bonfire. They’re long enough to let little ones help without getting too close. The wooden handle keeps hands from getting too hot and the long prongs are great for lots of marshmallows.
  • I really like the camp forks because they were long enough to where you didn’t have to be right up on the fire to roast things. The forks were very sturdy and well constructed with the wooden handles so your hands are protected from the heat. I recommend this product to anyone who wants a high quality fork that is very well constructed.
  • These forks are long so you can let the kids use them at the camp fire for smores or even hot dogs.


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