Lindsey's Resort Review

REVIEW of Lindsey’s Resort on the Little Red River

Two weeks ago, we decided we needed to get out of the house. We live on 5 acres in the woods of Arkansas but it was time to see someone else’s trees for a change. We were going stir crazy and our kids were ready for an adventure.

We booked a cabin at Lindsey’s Resort and packed the truck.

My Review of Lindsey’s Resort in Heber Springs, Arkansas

Lindsey's Resort
Lindsey’s Resort

I had heard of the cabins at Lindsey’s many times but had never been there myself. I was excited to check them out because anything near the Little Red River makes me happy.

We decided to book a two bedroom cabin since we have three children in tow. We were assigned Cabin #39.

Lindsey's Resort Cabin #39
Lindsey’s Resort Cabin #39

Prices are Reasonable

The reasonable nightly price of the cabin is what drew is to Lindsey’s. We paid $115/night plus tax. For a cabin within walking distance of the Little Red River, we were ecstatic.

Cabin #39 Interior at Lindsey's Resort
Cabin #39 Interior at Lindsey’s Resort

A huge perk was the two bedrooms. Lindsey’s Resort also has studio cabins but, since we’re traveling with our three kids, we wanted to be able to have our morning coffee without waking them.

Cabin #39- Not fancy but very functional
Cabin #39- Not fancy but very functional

By the way, this never worked. They were so excited to “be on an adventure” that they were always awake before us! Here in Arkansas, we would say that they were “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” by 7 a.m.

Above and Beyond Cleanliness

The cleanliness of a rental (whether it’s a cabin, condo, cruise ship, or hotel) is the first thing we check. We have been burned before by settling in then discovering a candy sucker in the sheets (no joke), a dirty bathroom, an exterior door with no lock, or a bathroom that floods when you shower.

Before we unloaded our kids or the luggage, we started looking around the cabin.

Cabin #39 Bedroom
Cabin #39 Bedroom

I have never seen a place so clean. I can’t say this with confidence because we have done A LOT of traveling. Plus, I’m a homemaker who spends a great deal of time cleaning my own house. I know where the dirt hides.
This cabin was spotless. I was completely blown away and impressed. The cleaning crew at Lindsey’s Resort really must take pride in doing a superb job.

Pretty Grounds at Lindsey’s Resort

While we stayed at Lindsey’s, we enjoyed many walks around the property. The grounds are nicely shaded with large trees.

Lindsey's Resort by the Little Red River
Lindsey’s Resort by the Little Red River

Watching Campers is Enjoyable

I don’t know about you but one of our favorite activities is people watching. We even make up names for the people we see.

For example, in the middle of the cabin grounds at Lindsey’s Resort are multiple RV sites. While we were there, we saw about 8 campers parked there. In the mornings, we would have our coffee on the porch of our cabin while watching the campers.

Morning Coffee on our Cabin Porch at LIndsey's Resort in Heber Springs Arkansas
Morning Coffee on our Cabin Porch

We nicknamed one of the campers “Boots Malone” because of the fancy fur topped boots she would wear. Clearly, camping wasn’t her thing.

Playground for Kids

Yes, Lindsey’s Resort has a playground for kids and a volleyball net!

Boat Rental Available

If you don’t want to bring your own boat, Lindsey’s will rent you one! The price for a full day is quite reasonable compared to renting a boat on the lake.

Little Red River Arkansas

That way, you can enjoy premier-class trout fishing in Arkansas!

Lindsey’s Pot O’Gold Restaurant

Lindsey’s Resort has a restaurant on site that is in easy walking distance from the cabins and RV sites. This makes is highly convenient for people who just want to relax at the Resort without having to drive into town to visit a restaurant.

Lindsey’s Resort is Close to Other Attractions!

One of our favorite parts of our visit to Lindsey’s Resort was the proximity to other attractions in the Heber Springs area.

We spent each day picnicking and exploring at the JFK Campground and Recreation Area on the Little Red River.

Then we hiked Collins Creek Trail and visited the Greers Ferry National Fish Hatchery.

adult trout at the Greers Ferry National Fish Hatchery
Adult trout at the Greers Ferry National Fish Hatchery

Also, don’t miss the JFK Overlook of the Greers Ferry Dam. It’s worth it! Plus, it’s right next to the campground and Fish Hatchery.

Lindsey’s Resort Review

Overall, we had a fantastic trip to Lindsey’s Resort and the Little Red River. Honestly, it was the best vacation we have ever had! That’s what prompted me to write this review of Lindsey’s Resort. I didn’t want you to miss it!

350 Rainbow Loop
Heber Springs, AR 72543
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