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An Honest Review of Superior Bathhouse Brewery

We just got back from a long vacation in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We ran like crazy and did almost everything there was to do. That includes two trips to Superior Bathhouse Brewery.

We had been to Superior Bathhouse Brewery many years ago but we decided it was time for a refresh.

Most everything was the same but one thing changed that wasn’t for the better in our opinion.

Keep reading and we’ll discuss the brews, the food, the atmosphere and what we didn’t like.

About Superior Bathhouse Brewery

Over the years, we have included Superior Bathhouse Brewery in our list of Unique Places to Eat in Arkansas, Best Family Vacation Ideas in Hot Springs and our collection of Unique Arkansas Products and Gifts (because of the beer that is brewed with the city’s famous 144-degree spring water).

To this day, it still lives up to the hype.

superior bathhouse brewery sign

It’s unique, quirky and laid back.

My favorite part of this Brewery is the sunny dining area that looks over Central Avenue. It’s a great place to enjoy some air conditioning in the summer, a good brew and a good view.

The Brews at Superior Bathhouse Brewery

While we where visiting, we sampled the Arkansour, Foul Play (Oatmeal Stout) and Goat Rock (Bock).

The Arkansour

The Arkansour is a very smooth brew with a suprising lemon aftertaste. It was fun to try once but not something we would order again. We had never had a sour beer before so it took us off guard. If this is your thing, you will love it. It’s definitely unique!

Foul Play

Foul Play is described as “thick, rich, chocolate and coffee flavors.” It’s made with flaked oats.

superior bathhouse brewery flight

In our opinion, the Foul Play was good for being a stout. Stouts are dark with coffee tones and this one definitely was.

Goat Rock Bock

This Bock is described as “rich but light-bodied, chocolate-forward. Munich malt and German lager yeast.”

This was a very good Bock and was our favorite of the three!

The Superior Bathhouse is home to the only brewery in a US National Park and the only brewery in the world to utilize thermal spring water in their beer.


Famous Root Beer

All I can say is, “Y’all!” Here in Arkansas, we love our root beer but I have never tasted anything like the root beer at Superior!

It’s house-brewed and AMAZING.

superior root beer

I got the root beer float which, of course, was served with plenty of vanilla ice cream. It makes me want to drive back to Hot Springs right now!

The only Downside

Ok. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Superior Bathhouse Brewery has a very nice outdoor seating area that has a view of Central Avenue on one side and the mountain on the other side.

They have large tables, ample umbrellas to keep the sun off and a large lawn beside.

The downside was that it was dog friendly.

I don’t remember it being that way when we visited years ago but I’m sure it was.

Here is where I’m going to ruffle some feathers…. or fur.

I don’t want to eat with someone’s dog. With that being said, if the dog was quiet, well-behaved and laid calmly under the table, I wouldn’t have a problem at all.

But the days we were there, that’s not what happened. Dogs were barking at other dogs. They were barking at other customers and we even watched one lady move tables because of it.

Something that is also important to note is that dogs are allowed inside the brewery as well.

According to their website, “If your dog is well behaved, well socialized and up to date on their shots, they are welcome! No pets are allowed on the tables or chairs at any time and must remain under control on leash.”

Pet-Friendly Can Be Good

Even though I’m not a fan of the pet-friendly aspect, I do understand why Superior Bathhouse Brewery and many other restaurants and shops in Hot Springs do it.

When you’re traveling, you can’t always leave your dog in your hotel room and it’s unsafe to leave them in your car.

Being a pet-friendly establishment allows travelers to enjoy everything Hot Springs has to offer without worrying about the safety of their pet while they are away.

Superior Bathhouse Brewery Is Worth A Visit

Whether you’re a fan of dogs or not, Superior Bathhouse Brewery is worth a visit!

The dining room is sunny and pleasant and the brews are delicious.

While we were there, I even had a nice conversation with Katie Windham the General Manager. She was warm, inviting and pleasant to talk with!

Don’t miss this unique brewery in Arkansas!

Where is Superior Bathhouse Brewery?

You’ll find Superior Bathhouse Brewery here:
329 Central Ave.
Hot Springs National Park,
Arkansas, 71901

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