unique arkansas gifts and products

Unique Arkansas Products and Gifts

Arkansas is full of talented people who provide us with unique Arkansas products and gifts that we love. Beautiful jewelry, handmade soap, craft beer and much more!

I am pleased to share with you today a sample of some loved unique Arkansas products and gifts. Each business here has a face and a story behind it that makes you want to rally for each one. I have always loved how Arkansans aren’t afraid to step out on their own and start something new. Creating your own creative path can often be a difficult road but each one of these companies has stepped out and made it happen.

If you’re looking for craft beer brewed with thermal water in Hot Springs Arkansas, hand-crafted soaps made with herbs grown on an Arkansas farm, or whetstones made from genuine black Arkansas novaculite, you’re in the right place!

Unique Arkansas Products and Gifts

Superior Bathhouse Brewery

As if “normal” paperwork of any kind wasn’t difficult enough, Rose Schweikhart’s dream started with negotiating with the federal government. She stuck it out and now has a brewery of which she (and Hot Springs) can be very proud.

Stop by the Superior Bathhouse Brewery for a unique Arkansas brew and a delicious meal! Superior Bathhouse Brewery has also been listed as one of our Best Family Vacation Ideas in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

In 2011, Rose Schweikhart moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas with an impossibly big dream: to brew beer commercially using the city’s famous 144-degree spring water. …Today, the Superior Bathhouse is home to the only brewery in a US National Park and the only brewery in the world to utilize thermal spring water in their beer. Rose considers beer to be a creative process. Like the varied timbers and dynamics one can coax from a tuba, grains, hops, and yeast offer an endless creative pallet, and create she does. Rose and the Superior Bathhouse brewing team crank out a constant stream of new beer from the original to the outlandish.Superior Bathhouse Brewery

superior bathhouse brewery in Hot Springs Arkansas

Larkmartin Soaps in Hot Springs

There’s nothing like a bar of soap hand-crafted from the thermal waters in Hot Springs, Arkansas and Briana Moore from Larkmartin Soaps in Hot Springs is a soap expert. I love her unique soap varieties like Muscadine Wine Soap and Ozark Mountain Man Soap.

Don’t forget to try Briana’s sugar scrubs too!

Handcrafted soaps that are made in small batches in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. Briana Moore has been making cold process, from scratch soaps for 13 years.

Larkmartin Soaps
unique Arkansas products and gifts - Larkmartin soaps

Tammy Sue’s Critters

As a soap maker myself, I know what it takes to make a quality bar of soap. I also appreciate the creative outlet it provides. Arkansas is very lucky that Tammy from Tammy Sue’s Critters decided to try her hand at making soap so many years ago.

Recently, I ordered a box of goodies from Tammy’s website for a dear friend. After I placed my order, I asked Tammy if she could include a note in the box when she shipped. Her response was “Absolutely.” She not only makes a quality product, she also loves her customers! It’s that attention to detail that keeps people coming back for more.

Tammy Sue’s Critter’s has also been named one of the Best Arkansas Made Soap Companies by All About Arkansas!

Check out all of Tammy’s products (soaps, lotion, lip balm, Owie Ointment, etc.) for unique Arkansas gift ideas that will put a smile on anyone’s face!

There is a joy in each batch that is created. All of the soap is made in small batches in the farm kitchen. Each bar is hand-cut and trimmed. After the drying process, each bar is wrapped in fabric, much like a gift ribbon, and then a tag is tied on.

Tammy Sue’s Critters
cool arkansas gifts - tammy sue's critters soap
Image by Michael Lin from Pixabay

Rock Creek Candles

Rock Creek Candles comes highly recommended by a friend of mine who lives in Russellville, Arkansas. My favorite part of their story is that they began their candle making journey in their garage. I also love that they choose to support American farmers by using all-natural soy wax from soybeans grown in the USA.

“We’re a quaint little family owned and staffed shop in Russellville, Arkansas owned by Tena & James Brooks. We started this business in 2003 because we love scented candles and think most of them are too costly. So we put on our aprons, did our research, and began making candles in the garage. We chose all-natural soy wax because it’s made with soybeans and grown by farmers right here in the USA! We also use Eco wicks.” –Rock Creek Candles

While you’re visiting Rock Creek Candles, be sure to check out all the fun things to do in Russellville, Arkansas! Plus, there are plenty of kid-friendly things to do in Russellville.

JUNK Brand Headbands

Whether you want to show support for your favorite NFL team, college, superhero, book, or llamas, JUNK Brand has a headband for you! My favorite are the “sayings” headbands. The “No Days Off” or “Don’t Quit” headbands explain my life motto.

“JUNK is one of the country’s fastest growing companies. We are a Northwest Arkansas based headband company specializing in the designing, manufacturing and distribution of amazing headbands through a complete Omni-channel work environment.

At JUNK we live in a culture of empowerment. Empowerment of the Brand, product, customer and employees. We accomplish this by demanding excellence and overcoming conventional thinking. We truly believe JUNK is exactly what you need to get that step closer to your ultimate goal.” –JUNK

If you happen to be in Northwest Arkansas getting your awesome headband in person, be sure to check out the fun things to do in Bentonville and Fayetteville.

Bella Vita Jewels

If you want to talk about a gift (for yourself or someone special) that screams quality and love, then we have to bring up Bella Vita Jewels. Each piece of jewelry from Bella Vita is hand-crafted with precision and a sense of quirkiness.

For me, Bella Vita Jewelry is about an appreciation for style and craft. It lets me work with my hands, curate and blend objects and elements, and create a way for people to express their natural style.

Brandy Thomason McNair

The hand stamped jewelry is my favorite.

Brandy Thomason McNair launched Bella Vita Jewelry in 2008 at local art fairs, retail craft shows, and online at bellavitajewelry.net. Eleven years in, Bella Vita Jewelry can be found at 200+ brick-and-mortar stores across the US & Canada, and in her retail shop in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Brandy lives and works in downtown Little Rock. All of her jewelry is made by hand in the Bella Vita Studio, which is housed in a beautifully restored century-old building. Bella Vita Jewelry is known for being made in small batches and one of a kind runs of personalized & hand stamped charms, natural stones, hand cast bronze & sterling pendants, and vintage baubles.
Bella Vita Jewelry

unique Arkansas products and gifts - bella vita jewlery
Bridge in Little Rock, Arkansas. Image by mindy ambeau from Pixabay

While you’re in Little Rock, you can cross a few things off your EPIC Arkansas Bucket List!

Dan’s Whetstone

Dan’s Whetstone is a classic Arkansas gift that any knife owner would love to own.

Our journey begins in the beautiful Ouachita Mountains near Hot Springs, Arkansas. Dan’s Whetstone owns over 500 acres of mineral properties and controls several quarries that supply the various grades of Novaculite we use. According to reserve projections these will supply the next four generations or more with all the 100% real natural Arkansas Novaculite rock needed to continue providing product for our customers.

Dan’s Whetstone is the only complete producer and supplier of all natural Arkansas whetstone grades including the genuine black Arkansas novaculite. We are an American owned and operated whetstone company overseeing the process from quarry to finished product since 1976. 
Dan’s Whetstone

Brother’s Honey

I have dabbled with the thoughts of beekeeping and have always been scared away. The thought of producing honey for my family from our own bees sounds magical but my daydreams are always ruined by images of me running from a mad, swarming hive of bees.

Thankfully, there are folks who are much braver and talented than I am. That’s where Elvis and Katie come in. They own and operate Brother’s Honey, a Central Arkansas apiary.

A locally owned and family operated apiary, and Honey Emporium situated in the heart of Central Arkansas. As beekeepers, our job description is more along the lines of delegation. We may curate a home for our hives and oversee care for 1.11 million bees, but they have the vital role in our operation. It’s merely our job to protect them from pests and employ sustainable harvest practices to encourage the next bee generation. Processing is minimal, leaving the wealth of natural enzymes and antioxidants intact.
What does that mean?
We simply strain the honey and fill our jars. 
Enjoy with a warm biscuit or by the spoonful.
Our honey speaks for itself, evidence that the best things in life are pure.
Brother’s Honey

unique Arkansas gifts - Brother's Honey
Image by PollyDot from Pixabay

Unique Arkansas Products and Gifts

Arkansas really does have something for everyone!

Do you know of more unique Arkansas products and gifts that should be featured here? Leave me a comment!

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