[ALL ABOUT] Baby Raccoons 

Today were going to talk ALL ABOUT baby raccoons. They are cute but they grow up to be menaces around campgrounds and trash cans.

what is a baby raccoon called? 

A baby raccoon is called a kit and a group of kits is called a litter.

what does a baby raccoon sound like? 

When raccoons are first born, they sound a lot like a chirping bird. Some also call it a chittering noise.

Baby Raccoon Ages

0-2 weeks old – tiny with closed eyes and ears 4 weeks old – about a foot long 5-6 weeks old – they can move around well (walk, run, climb) 7 weeks old – lots of noises and wrestling

how can you tell if a baby raccoon is abandoned?

If the mother doesn’t come back within 24 hours, there might be a chance something has happened to her. Call a wildlife officer for help.

how long can a baby raccoon survive without its mother?

The short answer is that baby raccoons can survive up to 24 hours without their mother.

what if you find a baby raccoon?

Make sure the baby raccoon (kit) is in a safe place and give the mother at least 24 hours to come back.

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