Fun Things To Do In Fayetteville, Arkansas From The Locals

We love Fayetteville because of the University of Arkansas, great restaurants, beautiful hiking, and irresistible flea markets.

Best Restaurant in Fayetteville

One of our go to spots is Wrights BBQ. Or if we’re looking for brunch, we like to head to Nomads.

favorite place to get coffee

Red Kite, Onyx…there’s so many great coffee joints in Fayetteville! In fact, all of these coffee shops made it to our list of the BEST Coffee Shops in Arkansas.

Live music in Fayetteville

There are several live theater experiences. We got to see live music at George’s Majestic Lounge- which was great!

best hiking/walking trail in Fayetteville

There are tons of great and popular trails. My favorite thing is to find my own trails. There are tons of little hidden gems that aren’t quite as popular. 

best place to stay in Fayetteville

The Graduate. It’s close to Dickson and the Square. It’s a unique hotel experience. They have a full bar and lounge space.

best secret place 

Maxine’s Tap Room is a cool little late night spot.  Food, drinks, and darts. Need I say more?

best farmer’s market

Fayetteville has its main Saturday farmers markets on the square. Always a treat!

best thrift shop in Fayetteville

The Potter’s House Thrift Store! Proceeds from Potter's House Thrift go to fund programs in the community.

best camping near Fayetteville

Devils Den is a popular area around here. If you’re looking to rough it I’d say drive toward trees, get out, and camp. You can’t go wrong up here!

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