They "Split a Storm With an Axe" and I Believe Them 

Recently, a friend asked me if I would like to hear the story of “the axe.”

The Axe Story

She said: My dad was taught by his family and he passed it on to me and now on to my sons.

The Storm Will Split!

If you are in the direct path of a storm, you can take an axe and chop it into a block of wood, making sure the bit is pointed toward the storm, the storm will split!

And It Works!

She said, We had a storm with 40mph winds, hail and 2-3 inches of rain predicted. My husband went out and chopped the axe in the wood and all we received was some rain.

Never Again...

We never go camping without our axe and a block of wood. As I said this has been passed on through generations and has always worked for us!

Where Did This Come From?

The Wichitas (Oklahoma Native Americans) still perform this today. Further research also shows that it’s an African-American folk belief that dates back to slavery.

Then There's Texas...

Splitting a storm with an axe is also part of Texas legends. This reminds me of witching for water. I've done that before and it works...