What Does It Mean When Alligators Bellow?

The sound of an alligator bellowing is both interesting and terrifying at the same time.

What Does Bellowing Sound Like?

Recently, I saw a video of an alligator bellowing and the person on the video thought the alligator was snoring.

A Deep Bellowing Moan

The alligator was definitely not snoring! That deep, slow moan was the bellowing mating call of a male alligator.

How Do Alligators Bellow?

To bellow, a male alligator will fill his lung full of air. Their lungs become like balloons and that lifts their bodies up out of the water.

How Do Alligators Bellow?

Then, they raise their heads and tails high up in the air and release a deep, slow bellow.

Alligator Bellowing Facts

When an alligator bellows, the water around him will vibrate or “dance.” It almost looks like it's raining up!

Beware of Bellowing Alligators

Alligators do the majority of their bellowing during mating season. And alligators get aggressive during mating season.

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