what are winters like in arkansas

What are Winters like in Arkansas?

I’m going to give you my personal opinion because I’m a native Arkansan and I have lived through my fair share of Arkansas winters.

Arkansas winters are beautiful.

Winter in Arkansas is my favorite season. The wildlife of the Natural State is calm and the Cardinals are easy to spot in the trees.

The grass has stopped growing so there is very little yard work to do.

winter in Arkansas
A view of winter from my living room

It’s the perfect time to make hot chocolate and watch a movie. Our favorite activity is to have cookie baking contests with our children!

Arkansas Winters are mild.

Winters are mild but occasionally register temperatures below freezing. The average high temperatures in January are 51°F (10.6°C) and lows drop up to 32°F (0°C) in many places. -source

Every once in a while, we’ll get a terrible Arkansas ice storm. These storms can knock out power for days and make driving hazardous.

Sometimes it snows in Arkansas.

We never really know if we will get snow during the Winter. Sometimes, we just get a dusting. However, the Winter of 2021 was much different!

Arkansas snow angel
Making a snow angel in the Arkansas snow

At our house in Central Arkansas, our snowfall totaled 11 inches. We built huge snowmen, a snow fort, and an igloo for our bunnies that live in our woods.

See photos of that here: Does Arkansas get snow?

Most Winters, we only get a few inches of snow so a 6 inch tall snowman is about all we can build. But, in Arkansas, we will take what we can get!

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