Do Alligators Eat Dogs

Do Alligators Eat Dogs?

Let’s say you’re walking your dog near a body of water where alligators are known to live and you’re wondering if your little Fluffy is safe; well, I wouldn’t count on it.

Alligators will eat dogs and there have been many reports to prove it. Alligators don’t stalk dogs but they will eat them if they’re hungry.

Alligators Eating Dogs

In fact, a report from 2019 states that an alligator in Florida ate a 100-pound pit bull.

Yes, you read that right. An alligator in Florida ate a giant dog.

“Cynthia Robinson, of Polk County, said she was walking her 100-pound pit bull, called Tank, at roughly 7 a.m. when a large alligator attacked it from behind, pulling the dog into the water. Robinson told WFLA the brutal attack made her large pet look like a Chihuahua.”

alligator eats pitbull dog
large alligator attacked pit bull

Caution: Alligators Will Eat Your Dog

I have even read that Florida natives caution newcomers against letting their dogs play in or near areas that are known to have alligators.

This might seem obvious to you now but I can see how alligators could surprise you on your morning walk if you weren’t used to them. Always scan the water while you are walking and watch for movement…or eyes staring at you.

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The answer is very surprising!

What Do Alligators Eat?

Alligators are opportunistic feeders. This means that if they are hungry and you’re dog looks tasty, they will try to eat it. This means that you should never let your dog play in waterways where alligators live.

Alligator waiting for prey
Alligator waiting for prey. Photo by Jeff Gray

Even though alligators will eat dogs, their diet mostly consists of other small mammals, turtles, snakes, birds, fish and frogs. So, what “small rodents” do they eat? Alligators eat raccoons, deer, boars, etc.

What To Do If An Alligator Attacks Your Dog?

If an alligator attacks your dog, you have a few choices. Personally, I would consider running away. I love my dog but I do not want to be the alligator’s dessert. However, other advice states that you should throw rocks at the alligator or hit it on the snout with a large stick.

Getting near enough to an alligator to hit it with a stick seems a bit too close. One woman in Hilton Head tried to defend her dog and she was killed.

Beaufort County Coroner Edward Allen told NBC News that the alligator first tried to attack Cline’s dog — and the 45-year-old woman tried to save it. Then, Allen said, “the alligator turned on her.”


The best thing you can do is never get in that situation in the first place.

Do not tempt a gator by walking by with a delicious dinner on a leash!

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Why Do Alligators Eat Dogs

Keep in mind that alligator habitats have been slowly developed over the years and their natural prey are depleting. This puts them in an unnatural situation where they have to eat things they wouldn’t normally eat.

Alligators are wild animals that need to eat. It’s that simple. Stay out of their way.

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