Hi! I’m Lindsey!

A while back, I was talking with a friend of mine. She had recently moved to Arkansas, so I asked her if she and her family had been exploring any great places here in Arkansas.

She said that she hadn’t found anything worth exploring in Arkansas and it broke my heart.

I’m a native Arkansan and I know that Arkansas is full of so many wonderful things to see, explore, eat, do, etc.

I also know that those things can be hard to find if you aren’t a local.

The locals know all the secrets.

Sure, you can Google it and find faceless websites but what you really need is an Arkansas blog written by someone who actually knows about Arkansas.

In fact, I recently Googled the best things to do in my current city and I was blown away…in a bad way.

This person (who has obviously never been here) suggested that one of the best places to visit and fish is a lake that I know about here in town.

What they obviously don’t know is that the “lake” they referred to is more like a pond. It’s in the middle of a neighborhood, the scenery is terrible, and it’s mostly grown up with bushes.

It’s not a place that people actually go.

They completely failed to mention the actual best place to visit/ fish in our town and that it includes walking trails and workout equipment!

That was the last straw.

I know I had to do something about this problem.


Welcome to All About Arkansas!

This Arkansas blog is different because it’s full of things to do that are recommended by the locals.

I have typed and clicked until my fingers are exhausted so that you have exactly what you need when you are looking for something amazing in Arkansas.

There are so many great things about Arkansas but how do you know what they are without help?

I mean, a simple Google search can lead to hours of getting nowhere.

It’s like going down a rabbit hole.

Oaklawn Hot Springs
Oaklawn in Hot Springs

Finding fun things to do in Arkansas is like a never-ending game of Monopoly. (You know what I mean. That game that everyone thinks they want to play but then regrets it 5 hours into it.)

You pull up a fresh Google tab and start typing in things like “Best Things to do in Arkansas”, “Fun Things to do in Arkansas”, or “Best Fishing in Arkansas.” Then, you start clicking and scrolling and clicking and scrolling until you’re just exhausted!

There are tons of great things to do in this state, but you want the things that are tried and true! You want the BEST things to do in Arkansas…not just anything that comes up on Google.

You want the best places to camp and the absolute best places to hike.

You want amazing Arkansas made products because you believe in supporting small businesses.

You want to know about fun places to take your kids in Arkansas, but you don’t have time to go down that Google rabbit hole.

So, what’s the answer?

You need an Arkansas website written by a native Arkansan that knows.

This website is a comprehensive resource for all things amazing in Arkansas to guide you through this amazing state.

Little Red River Arkansas by JFK Campground
Little Red River from JFK Campground

Like this: Big Dam Bridge in Arkansas – The Longest Pedestrian Bridge In The World

And this: [OUR LITTLE SECRET] The Little Grand Canyon in Arkansas is a hidden gem

AND this: Old Highway 25 Campground Review with PHOTOS

About Me- A True Arkansan

I was born and raised in Arkansas and I love this state!

I’m a true Arkansas native with a southern accent and a passion for helping current residents and visitors find amazing things to do in this great state.

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I spent my childhood camping throughout this beautiful state, traveling to amazing Arkansas festivals, knee-boarding in our gorgeous lakes, and enjoying all things Arkansas.

This is the state where I was born, attended school, took dance classes, met best friends, became President of the National Junior Honor Society at my Junior High (it was a horrible year…ugh), graduated college, got married, had my babies, and built our dream home.

What does All About Arkansas offer?

I will connect you to the best hiking trails in Arkansas, the absolute best camping in Arkansas, fun things to do with kids in Arkansas, the best fishing in Arkansas, popular attractions, unique places in Arkansas, fun Arkansas festivals (we love our festivals, y’all), AND…drum roll please…the EPIC Arkansas Bucket List you must have!!

Let’s not even mention those fun things to do that only Native Arkansans know about! (Like…jumping off those huge cliffs into Greers Ferry Lake! It’s a rush. Trust me.)

I’m glad you’re here.

I created All About Arkansas to be the end all, be all for Arkansas blogs.

This is a one stop shop for everything you need to get out and enjoy everything that Arkansas has to offer.

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