old highway 25 campground review

Old Highway 25 Campground Review with PHOTOS

Old Highway 25 is a campground that sits on the shores of Greers Ferry Lake in Arkansas. It’s one of our favorite places to camp and we usually stay for a week or two at a time!

It’s a beautiful campground near Heber Springs Arkansas that is wooded and has stunning lake views.

Old Highway 25 boat ramp
Old Highway 25 boat ramp

Whether you are a tent camper or you drive a big rig, there is plenty of space at Old Highway 25.

Stick with me here and I’ll tell you all the ins and outs of this campground.

Where is Old Highway 25 Campground?

The actual address of the campground is 1500 Old Highway 25, Tumbling Shoals Arkansas. Most people consider it Heber Springs though.

Technically, it’s about 9 miles north of Heber Springs.

Water and electric at Old Highway 25

This campground has electric sites only. If you’re looking for a site with water and sewer as well, you’re out of luck.

There is one place to camp in the area with water hookups at the campsites and that is JFK Campground on the Little Red River.

When you arrive at Old Highway 25, you’ll want to fill your freshwater tank at one of the spigots before backing into your campsite.

Old Highway 25 Campground is beautiful in the Fall!
Old Highway 25 Campground is beautiful in the Fall!

Also, if you keep a smaller water container for handwashing outside, you can refill that at the spigots outside the bathhouses.

How to camp near a water spigot at Old Highway 25 Campground

Here’s the deal. If you’re camping for a long time (like we do), you’re eventually going to run out of water and need a refill.

If you’re relying on the freshwater tank in your RV, refilling can be a bit of a chore. Securing everything inside your camper so you can pull it a hundred yards to a spigot is no fun.

Old Highway 25 campground on Greers Ferry Lake


Camp area G has water spigots between nearly every campsite. Now, they are community spigots and you are not supposed to leave a water hose hooked up to them while you’re there.

Some people put a Y connector on the spigot then run a hose over to their camper for the entire duration of their stay. I don’t know what the Park Ranger has to say about this but the other campers don’t mind as long as the spigot isn’t blocked completely.

Ideally though, you would just connect a water hose to the spigot and just run it over to your camper long enough to fill your tank back up.

Water spigots near campsites

Short recap: Camp area G has water spigots near enough to run a hose to your camper

Campers in areas F, E, D and A must drive to a spigot.

Camp area F
Camp area F

Can Old Highway 25 accommodate big rigs?

This is a common question that a lot of people have since campers seem to be getting bigger and bigger these days.

We were camping over at our favorite spot at Old Highway 25 last week. We have a 7×14 cargo trailer conversion that is easy to tow and back in anywhere.

We booked a spot down in the F loop and we were so glad that we have a short trailer! Our spot was sloped in the front which meant that we would have had a heck of a time leveling the camper if it was a long one.

This spot is very unlevel! Camp area F
This spot is very unlevel! Camp area F

We were standing around talking with our neighbors when the biggest 5th-wheel toy hauler I’ve ever seen in my life pulled up.

We all thought that surely he wasn’t coming down in our loop but he was!

It took him about an hour to back that huge 5th wheel into a crooked, sloped, tight campsite. He even had to get out his pole saw (which he apparently travels with) to cut a few limbs out of his way just so he could back up.

When it was all done, the front of this camper was about 2 inches off the ground. His propane pipe was sitting on the pavement.

Needless to say, it was his first time at Old Highway 25.

Campers towing big rigs should not stay in F loop in my opinion. If you do, prepare for the rest of us to grab our camp chairs and a glass of iced tea so we can watch you back in.

Camp areas E, G and A are perfect for big rigs.

Which spots are crooked?

Ok, this might be a silly question but it’s important if you plan on backing a trailer in!

The most crooked (unlevel) spots in the entire campground are in Section D. These spots are on a hill between the bathhouse and the boat ramp.

Camp area D - Old Way 25
Camp area D

Yes, people pull trailers in there but I wouldn’t want to!

Other amenities at Old Highway 25

This campground also offers hot showers, flush toilets, dump station, picnic shelter, boat ramp, sandy swim beach and playground.

Old Highway 25 picnic shelter
Old Highway 25 picnic shelter

I do want to make a note here that the playground is in the wide open sun. Therefore, our kids have never played on it. In fact, I have never seen kids playing on it.

A plastic playground in the hot summer run might melt your skin right off!

For camp fees, read this: How much does it cost to camp at Greers Ferry Lake?

Other places to camp around Greers Ferry Lake

If you’ve never been to Greers Ferry Lake, you’re missing out! It’s gorgeous!

Another place to camp around the lake that you might is the Heber Springs Dam Site.

Little Red River from JFK Campground Arkansas
Little Red River from JFK Campground

Also, right across the dam is the Little Red River where you will find:
7 [AMAZING] Reasons to Visit JFK Campground on the Little Red River in Arkansas

[WORTH IT] JFK Overlook at Greers Ferry Dam in Arkansas

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