is it legal to kill coyotes in arkansas

Is it legal to kill Coyotes in Arkansas?

I still remember the first time we looked down in our woods and saw a coyote lurking around. We had just moved onto our wooded property in Central Arkansas and I was new to “country life.”

Thankfully, the coyote seemed to just be passing through and he was keeping his distance from us. However, like raccoons, coyotes can become nuisance animals if they are causing damage to your property or animals.

If this is the case, you may be wondering, “Is it legal to kill coyotes in Arkansas?”

The answer is yes…if you follow the rules.

Arkansas coyote

According to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, it is legal to shoot or trap coyotes during daylight hours the entire year.

You may not use poison or other chemicals to kill them.

Also, a Depredation Permit is required to shoot any nuisance wildlife (including coyotes) at night.

If you would rather relocate a coyote instead of killing it, you may do so with the use of a live trap without a Depredation Permit. Remember that you must release the coyote unharmed and out of city limits within 24 hours.

Live traps must have the trapper’s name and address or his vehicle operator ’s license number or the current vehicle license number registered to the trap user. -source

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