swimming areas at dam site campground heber springs arkansas

EXCELLENT Swimming Areas at the Dam Site Campground in Heber Springs Arkansas

The Dam Site Campground in Heber Springs has two great swimming areas! We swim here ALL THE TIME!

Best Swimming Areas at the Dam Site Campground

I love the swimming areas at the Dam Site because they are both so different.

Greers Ferry Lake is an outdoor enthusiasts’ dream, with boating, sailing, water skiing, swimming, scuba diving and fishing opportunities. Hikers enjoy the area’s three National Nature Trails and one multi-purpose fitness trail. -source

1. Swimming Area Near the Dam

The first swimming area is in view of the Greers Ferry Dam and it’s next to the boat ramp in Camp Area J.

Swimming Area near Dam
Swimming Area near Dam

This swimming area does not have a sandy beach. Instead, it has a concrete beach. HOWEVER, one side does have a big pile of sand for the kids to play in.

swimming area at the dam site campground

So, if you don’t like sand in your flip flops, this is where you’ll want to plant yourself.

2. Swimming Area by the Island

My favorite swimming area is by the island at the Dam Site. There are places to swim on each side of the concrete walking path.

If you want to swim here, don’t take the road into the campground. You’ll take a left just before the campground and go into the day use area.

There is a day use fee of $5.

swimming area at dam site campground
The left side has sand and the right side is concrete.

One of the beaches has sand and the other is concrete.

cliffs to jump off of at Dam Site Swimming Area
Can you imagine 10 year-old me jumping off these cliffs? I did it!

This site also has cliffs that brave folks like to jump off of into the water. I grew up doing this! I’m not sure if I was brave or just dumb but it was a lot of fun. I can’t imagine letting my kids do it but plenty of parents do. Just make sure you are a good swimmer.

Life Jacket Loaning Station

At both swimming areas, you will find life jacket loaner stations. You can use these for free all day and return them when you are finished.

life jacket loaner station at dam site campground

35° 31′ 18.9998″ N
91° 59′ 51.0000″ W

From Heber Springs, AR, take SR-25 3 miles north and follow signs to the campground.


*Note: We have also swam at Heber Springs’ only public beach. You can read about that here: REVIEW Sandy Beach in Heber Springs

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