tent camping at spring river oaks vs many islands

Tent camping at Spring River Oaks vs Many Islands

With all the great tent camping places in Arkansas, choosing the best one can sometimes be challenging.

Do you want to tent camp near water in Arkansas? Do you like primitive camping or are hot showers high on your priority list? Do you prefer a quiet campground or do you like to be where the action is?

Many tent campers face these decisions trying to choose between Spring River Oaks and Many Islands campgrounds near Hardy, Arkansas on the Spring River. Camping and canoeing is fun but which campground is the best place to pitch your tent?

Spring River Oaks Campground vs. Many Islands Campground

The consensus is this: Spring River Oaks is for campers who like a nice, quiet stay. Many Islands is for a louder, party-type crowd.

Spring River Oaks

Spring River Oaks is peaceful and has a very friendly staff. Almost all the sites have their own water now which is a huge plus. They also have quiet hours and you don’t have to pay to use the showers.

“Spring River Oaks was started in 1980 by Dennis and Diana Walsh.  Along with their children, they built SRO into one of the premier Campgrounds in northern Arkansas.  Over the years they have added cabins, water and electric RV hookups and additional camping spaces. They take joy in knowing they provide a place for families to make memories that will last a lifetime and that they are helping introduce kids to the outdoors.”  –source

The biggest positive is that the owners of Spring River Oaks enforce the rules and will make campers leave if they are being a nuisance. This helps keep a peaceful campground for everyone.

Keep in mind that no pets are allowed at Spring River Oaks.

Turn off Highway 63 at the Many Island sign, go 1/4th mile and take River Oaks Trail. We are 2 miles off the highway. Do not use Needles Eye Trace or Windy Hill Road to access Spring River Oaks. These roads are mostly impassable.

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Many Islands Camp and Canoe Rental

Many Islands is much different than Spring River Oaks. Campers don’t tend to go there unless they enjoy a livelier crowd. Folks have complained of people partying, being loud, and keeping them up all night.

Keep these things in mind as you choose between Spring River Oaks and Many Islands.

Both campgrounds have beautiful settings but the atmospheres are very different.

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