Lake Chicot State Park Camping tips

Tips: Camping at Lake Chicot State Park

There are a few “need to know” tips before you head out on your next camping trip to Lake Chicot State Park.

At 20 miles long, Lake Chicot is the largest natural lake in Arkansas and the largest oxbow lake in North America.


Tips for Camping at Lake Chicot State Park

Lake Chicot State Park is a popular camping spot for many. Located in Southeastern Arkansas, this state park is a great place to make wonderful memories!

Watch out for the BIG birds

…I mean, mosquitoes

It’s Arkansas. There are mosquitoes. It’s just part of life here just like any other Southern state.

Take some bug spray and have a great time.

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The fishing is great

There is a ton of great fishing in Arkansas and Lake Chicot is no exception.

Crappie, Bass, and Bream are all popular on Lake Chicot.

Take your pole and thank me later.

Plenty of Camping Options

Whether you’re a tent camper and just need water or that guy in a big 5th wheel who wants water, 50 Amp service and sewer, Lake Chicot State Park has you covered!

The camping area is also very shady which is perfect for keeping that hot Arkansas sun off your campsite in the summer.

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There is a swimming pool!

If you’re camping in the summer months and looking to cool off, Lake Chicot State Park has a large swimming pool.

Fun Recreational Amenities

Not only does Lake Chicot State Park have a big swimming pool, this state park also offers volleyball nets, a hiking trail and tennis courts.

Personally, I’m not a tennis player but I love to bring a ball and racket just to bat back and forth.

It’s a fun way to get some exercise while also providing everyone around with some great entertainment. (I’m not very good.)

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Adventurous wildlife

Maybe I’m being generous with that title because alligators have been spotted in the area. There are alligators in Arkansas and Lake Chicot State Park is home to a few!

Arkansas alligator Lake Chicot State Park
Arkansas Alligator. Photo by Jeff Gray

Now, that doesn’t mean they will be hanging around your campsite so, there’s no reason to stress. But, seeing them in the wild can be a real treat.

Don’t miss the lake and levee tours

Lake Chicot State Park offers several great tours for anyone who enjoys history, birding, or just a relaxing boat ride.

Lake Chicot State Park levee tour

This is a great self-guided levee tour. It takes 2-3 hours to complete and you’ll drive to many scenic areas, enjoy birding, see natural areas, and visit the pumping plant.

Eagle Watch Lake Tour

In January, the Lake Chicot State Park interpreters offer a 2 hour eagle watch lake tour. This is a unique experience that you will find a lot of enjoyment from!

Regular Lake Tours

These “regular lake tours” are 1 hour and 15 minutes of history, intersting info, nature, birding, plants, and a trip into a beautiful cypress swamp!

Lake Chicot State Park location

2542 Hwy. 257
Lake Village, AR 71653

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