Cane Creek State Park Arkansas

4 Things to Do at Cane Creek State Park

Cane Creek State Park is a beautiful Arkansas state park in the Lower Delta region that offers camping, biking, birding, and fishing.

Because of it’s location, this Arkansas state park offers several great attractions that are unlike other state parks.

Cane Creek State Park Things to Do

These are the “must do” activities from those of us who love Cane Creek State Park.

4. Relaxing Camping

Cane Creek offers nice level sites that are all fairly big. The sites are also shady which is a big bonus during the summer months.

There are only 29 campsites at Cane Creek which means it is a nice, quiet place to camp. I’ve camped at areas with over 200 campsites and it can get very crowded during peak months.

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Pro tip: There is a mosquito fogger truck that runs through the campground. It usually just circles through the inner ring of campsites. If you want your campsite fogged, try to book a site in the inner ring. If you’re like me and you’d rather take your chances with the mosquitoes, book a site away from the inner ring.

Mosquitoes are just one of those Arkansas insects that we’ve all learned to live with.

3. Incredible Trail System

Cane Creek has one of the best trail systems in the entire state. If you enjoy running, mountain biking, or just taking a stroll with your dog, you will greatly enjoy this trail system.

Bonus: There are three suspension bridges that make this trail system extra special.

2. Great Interpretive Programs

The park interpreters at Cane Creek always have something going that is interesting.

You can usually find guided tours where you’ll walk, bike and even kayak.

The guided kayak tours are lead on Cane Creek Lake during the spring and summer months.

Cane Creek State Park Lake in Arkansas
Cane Creek Lake. Photo by Kevin Wood/Creative Commons

The guided birding tours are extra fun for anyone who is interested in Arkansas wildlife.

Note: Boat and bike rentals are available at the park.

1. Great Fishing

Cane Creek Lake is a great fishing lake.

During the cold months, you’ll enjoy catching crappie. Bream are popular during the warmer weather and bass and catfish are fun to catch anytime of the year.

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Can you swim in Cane Creek Lake?

Swimming is not allowed in Cane Creek Lake. The lake was primarily built for fishing. It has many stumps, is home to alligators, and even gets stagnant during some parts of the year.

Are there alligators at Cane Creek State Park?

This is always a hot topic for so many. I think many people think that alligators are only found in states like Florida and Louisiana. However, there are alligators in Arkansas!

Cane Creek State Park is home to many alligators that live in Cane Creek Lake and the nearby Bayou Bartholomew.

Alligator in Southern Arkansas near Cane Creek Lake
Alligator in Southern Arkansas. Photo by Jeff Gray

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Cane Creek State Park location

50 State Park Road
Star City, AR 71667

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