Petit Jean State Park YURT

Everything You Need to Know About Renting a YURT at Petit Jean State Park

Hi friends! If you’ve been following along on my Facebook page, you know that I’ve been posting A LOT about Petit Jean State Park. That’s because we’ve been here in a YURT for the last four days!

We stayed in Yurt #3 right on the shore of Lake Bailey and it was beautiful! ???? For those who are curious, here is everything you need to know about renting a YURT at Petit Jean!

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Yurt at Petit Jean State Park?

We paid $70.56 (tax included) per night in the Spring of 2023. For us, it was a bargain considering we were right on the shore of the lake (better views than the campers!) AND we could cook our own food.

We have three kids. Buying every meal at the lodge just isn’t going to happen.

Petit Jean State Park YURT #3

Plus, you can’t cook in your lodge room and the cabins are more expensive than the YURT.

Keep in mind that the YURTS are the ONLY lodging at Petit Jean State Park that are on the lake other than a couple campsites.

How Many Can The YURTS Sleep?

These Yurts sleep 6 and the bunk beds are very comfortable.

They are the heaviest and most sturdy bunk beds I have ever seen so an adult could sleep on the top bunk with no problem at all.

Is There A Bathroom or Kitchen?

???? There is not a bathroom or kitchen in the YURT so you will have to cook outside on the gas stove and use the nearby bathroom at the campground.

Bunk Beds in the YURT at Petit Jean

TIP: The Visitor Center is a short walk from the YURT. So, if we just need a bathroom and not a shower, we just walked over there.

Does The YURT Have Heat or AC?

That’s a big no.

There is no air conditioning or heat in the YURTs.

We bought our little space heater because it got chilly at night and we stayed warm.

The YURT has screen windows all the way around so you could open them up for summer.

If you go in the summer, good luck. ????

Does the YURT Have Electricity?


There is electricity inside the yurt. There are three outlets and one overhead light. ????

Other Amenities

At the YURT, you will find:

  • a big gas cook stove outside
  • charcoal grill
  • picnic table
  • lantern hook
  • fire pit ????
  • your own canoe with life jackets!
  • folding chairs and table inside
  • hanging lamp for outside
Petit Jean State Park Arkansas YURT


BYOB: Bring Your Own Bedding!

They give you comfy bunk beds but sheets and blankets are NOT included.

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