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Where To Dig For Crystals in Arkansas – Crystal Mining in Arkansas

Here in Arkansas, you can dig for crystals and diamonds. Arkansas is called The Natural State and we truly do have it all.

I have written all about digging for diamonds but digging for crystals in Arkansas provides more of a guarantee of finding something beautiful. Digging for crystals is easy and people of all ages enjoy it all year here in Arkansas.

I’ll begin this article by telling you all the best places to dig for crystals in Arkansas so that you can get started right away.

After that, I’ll explain a little about why Arkansas has so many quartz crystals and the history of crystal mining in Arkansas. That’s for the nerds in the group who like all the details.

Pay-to-Dig Crystal Mines in Arkansas

1. Twin Creek Crystal Mine

Twin Creek Crystal Mine is located in Mount Ida. It’s just 45 minutes from Hot Springs so there is plenty to do in the surrounding areas after you have found all the crystals you can stand.

Pro Tip: One of the best times to dig for crystals at the Twin Creek Crystal Mine is right after a good rain. The rain will wash away some of the dirt and expose beautiful crystals.

You can read all about this mine here:
FIND BURIED TREASURE at Twin Creek Crystal Mine in Arkansas

2. Wegner Crystal Mines

In 1980, Richard Wegner started prospecting on his land near Lake Ouachita.

Today, the Wegner Crystal Mines are known all over the world for their beautiful crystals.

quartz crystal in Arkansas

You can buy crystals that have already been mined and cleaned or go dig them up yourself! The staff are very friendly and will answer any questions you may have.

You’ll find the Wegner Crystal Mines here:
82 Wegner Ranch Road
Mount Ida Ar, 71957

3. Ron Coleman Mining

Ron Coleman Mining is more than just digging for beautiful quartz crystals.

“Activities at our mine include a side-by-side zip line that soars over the crystal mine at nearly 1/4 mile long; Gallery of Museum Quality Minerals, a Crystal Mine Tour that takes you behind the scenes of our mining operation and an RV campground with 24 campsites and a tiny home rental.”


Of course, you can pay to dig your own crystals just like the other crystal mines here in Arkansas but Ron Coleman also offers many beautiful things at their gift shop including fashion jewelry, rocks by the pound, Cathedral Geodes, Amethysts and fun souveneirs.

You’ll find Ron Coleman Mining here:
211 Crystal Ridge Ln
Jessieville, AR

Where to Find Crystals in Arkansas

Quartz crystals can be found all throughout the Ouachita Mountains.

All of the mines listed above are in the Ouachita Mountain area.

The Ouachita Mountains, simply referred to as the Ouachitas, are a mountain range in western Arkansas and southeastern Oklahoma.

Crystal in Arkansas

Sometimes you can find crystals lying on the ground while you’re out for a hike but there are also great crystals mines here in Arkansas where you can find quartz crystals just by digging with a simple garden shovel.

All of the mines here in Arkansas are “pay to dig” areas where you are sure to get your money’s worth.

About Quartz Crystals in Arkansas

“Geologists say that Arkansas and Brazil have the best quality quartz on Earth, and today rock hounds, families and tourists from all over the world head for the Hot Springs and Mount Ida area to go prospecting in the abundant quartz crystal deposits of the Ouachita Mountains in hopes of finding these unique clear, prismatic stones.”


“Among many mineral and crystal collectors, Arkansas is synonymous with quartz, and for good reason. More fine specimens of rock crystal—the transparent, colorless variety of macrocrystalline quartz—have come from west-central Arkansas’ Ouachita Mountains than from any other region.” -source


Things to do in the area

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