devil's den atv trails in arkansas

Devil’s Den ATV Trails in Arkansas

Many people love to ride the Devil’s Den ATV trails because the terrain is fun and the scenery is beautiful! It’s a great way to spend an adventurous weekend.

BEST Devil’s Den ATV Trails in Arkansas

The BEST (and only) trail system in the Devil’s Den area is the Buckhorn Trail system and it’s definitely worth the trip.

Buckhorn Trail system

The Buckhorn Trail system offers 60 miles of trails for riders, hikers, and mountain bike riders.

“Two loops with interconnecting shortcuts wind through the Boston Mountains in northern Crawford County and offer riding opportunities ranging from beginner to challenging. The trails change from clay/dirt to very rocky sections and pass through the hills and valleys of a beautiful hardwood forest.” –source

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Points of Interest

Leave it up to Arkansans to come up with crazy names for places! You find things like: Devil’s Kettle, Ben Doodle Falls, Slippery When Wet Hill climb, Tombstone Hill, and the Three-Toed Monkey.

Another point of interest is the Lee Creek Beach. “Highlights include an abundance of fossils and a seam of coal.” –source

Notes from the Forest Service:
Trails are clay/dirt rock to natural surface
A toilet is located at the main trailhead off Hwy 220
The main trailhead is graveled and built for 16-foot trailers
Trails are easy to most difficult
OHV’s are restricted to 72″ on the Buckhorn OHV Trail

There are a few creek crossings on the Buckhorn Trail. After a lot of rainfall, crossings can get very deep. Be careful.

Buckhorn 9-1-1 Address:
19454 N Lee Creek Rd
Chester, AR 72934

Official Website and Directions