[REVIEW] Geisler's Holiday Forest Christmas Tree Farm

[REVIEW] Geisler’s Holiday Forest Christmas Tree Farm

Geisler’s Holiday Forest Christmas Tree Farm in Jacksonville is my favorite place to hunt for that perfect Christmas tree each year.

I remember our first trip to a Christmas tree farm in Arkansas. The whole idea started because we watched Hallmark Christmas movies with my in-laws over Thanksgiving. I think a quarter of all Hallmark Christmas movies are filmed at a Christmas tree farm!

Well, they got to us. Seeing people walk around with cider and a handsaw just made us have to do it too.

My daughter said, “Mama, do you think we could go to a Christmas tree farm sometime and get a real tree?”

I told her we probably could and I would ask Daddy. Well, my husband started looking online and found a Christmas tree farm that was within driving distance to us. So, we told the kids to get ready because we were going to go over there and get a tree!

We piled in the truck and made the drive to Geisler’s Holiday Forest Christmas Free Farm in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

Geisler's Holiday Forest Christmas Tree Farm

I couldn’t believe how much fun it was! I am so glad we went.

Geisler’s Holiday Forest Christmas Tree Farm is a small farm in an out-of-the-way spot, but the people are so kind. And they have cider!

My son and daughter were wearing their cute little winter hats and I wore the baby in my front pack. My husband was in charge of the hand saw and I think we looked at every tree.

My son was so excited. He didn’t know which way to turn. He kept saying, “Follow me! What about this one?!”

It was a wonderful day! I couldn’t believe that we had actually decided to go and I wasn’t sure why we hadn’t done it sooner.

The Holiday Forest Christmas Tree Farm has a great selection and it’s fun to run through the fields searching for the perfect tree.

After looking at trees for about 40 minutes, we finally found our tree. It was 8 feet tall and perfectly shaped…except for the trunk. On the outside, it looked amazing but if you looked through the branches at the trunk it was really crooked.

Geisler's Holiday Forest Christmas Tree Farm Jacksonville Arkansas

The tag said, “Leans,” and it was marked for only $20.

What a perk! The tree we all loved was only $20!

To be clear, the Holiday Forest Christmas Tree Farm has fields of beautiful, tall, straight trees. I guess we’ve just always rooted for the underdog.

My husband cut it down and we carried it up to pay and get it wrapped. We sipped cider and chatted with the owners as we waited our turn.

Since I’m a real tree newbie, I had no idea that they shake them to get to loose pine needles off!

After that, they wrapped it. I’ve watched them wrap them on Hallmark movies and it was fun to watch it in person too.

Christmas tree farm in central arkansas

We opted not to buy a real tree stand because we weren’t sure if that was something we would want to do each year. However, we had lots of empty 5-gallon paint buckets.

One of them had dried concrete in the bottom which made it extra heavy so we thought it would be perfect.

We also grabbed a few extra bricks we had so we could stabilize the tree in the bucket.

Let me just tell you, trying to stabilize a crooked tree with bricks in a 5-gallon bucket is not fun. After working on it forever, we finally got it standing straight.

We slid it where we wanted it and watered it. I put five strings of lights on it and it was beautiful!

Then, we noticed the bucket was leaking. Our bucket had a hole in it.

Geisler's Holiday Forest Christmas Tree Farm Jacksonville Arkansas

After locating another bucket, we lifted the tree out of the first bucket and re-leveled it in the second bucket. Once I put a tree skirt around the bucket, it looked pretty good!

I loved the way it made our house smell. I had always heard that real trees were very fragrant but that one made our Christmas season extra special.

Our trip to the Holiday Forest Christmas Tree Farm has become a tradition now. We just can’t let Christmas go by without a real tree anymore.

I love to watch our kids run through the fields of trees looking for the perfect one. They are experiences I will never forget.

However, we have started buying the straight trees.

And we bought an actual tree stand. No more buckets.

Geisler’s Holiday Forest Christmas Tree Farm location

8917 Dorsey
Jacksonville, AR 72076
(501) 224-3797

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