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The Old Pioneer Cabin – Time Capsule on Petit Jean Mountain

Hey friends! I’m going to show you a place that’s like a time capsule nestled on the stunning Petit Jean Mountain—the Old Pioneer Cabin! Picture this: a little cabin straight out of history books, standing proud amidst nature’s finest.

Petit Jean State Park says that this cabin was built in 1845 by John Walker. He was the second white settler on Petit Jean Mountain.

Old Pioneer Cabin at Petit Jean State Park

It’s like a living memory of pioneer grit and spirit. Imagine walking through its creaky door, stepping into a world where rocking chairs, a rugged table, and old tools tell tales of frontier life.

In 1854, it became the home of Owen and Jane West. They were a young couple who raised 9 children here. In fact, 5 of them were born right here in this cabin without medical aid.

interior of the Old Pioneer Cabin
I have no idea what the contraption in the center of the floor is!

Petit Jean State Park has taken great care to preserve this cabin and share its stories. When you visit, it’s not just a stroll through the past; it’s a chance to become a part of it, to feel the resilience and spirit of the pioneers who called this place home.

I could sit by this cabin for hours and just ponder what life was like in it. I imagine many good times but hard times too. However, maybe they didn’t think they were hard because they didn’t know about all the luxuries we all have.

Facebook post about the Old Pioneer Cabin

What do you think?

Also, 9 children in this cabin seems a bit cramped but also very cozy (in a lovely way). Maybe I’m crazy but I think it sounds quite pleasant.

Location of the Old Pioneer Cabin

You will find this cabin at the trailhead of Cedar Creek Trail. Don’t confuse this trail with Cedar Falls Trail. They are not the same.

Old Pioneer Cabin sign
This is the sign posted in front of the Old Pioneer Cabin

1285 Petit Jean Mountain Road
Morrilton, AR 72110

About Petit Jean State Park

Petit Jean State Park is one of my favorite state parks in Arkansas. The scenery, the food, the activities…it’s all wonderful. We recently stayed in a YURT and it was so much fun!

Petit Jean State Park is an Arkansas classic, a natural and historic treasure that has welcomed travelers for decades. The natural beauty and ancient geology of the legendary Petit Jean Mountain inspired the creation of Arkansas’s first state park and with it our state park system. source

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Map to the Old Pioneer Cabin

Here is a Google Map that will take you straight to the Old Pioneer Cabin. I hope you enjoy!