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Popular Foods in Arkansas: BBQ, Catfish, Garden Goodies and more

As an Arkansas native, I can assure you that you will fall in love with these popular foods in Arkansas.

I grew up on staples like chicken & dumplin’s, fried potatoes, green beans, corn, okra and plenty of casseroles.

One of my favorite things was always when the tomatoes were ripe in my grandparents’ garden. A sliced Arkansas tomato straight from the garden tastes like pure sunshine.

Arkansas is known for many great things including the world’s only public diamond mine, our beautiful National Forests, world class fishing and endless Arkansas hiking trails but one of my favorite things about living in Arkansas is the food.

In Arkansas, we love a wide variety of foods. From the home-cooked to the restaurant perfected, you can find it all in Arkansas

1. Homecooked Goodness: Fried okra, homemade biscuits and more

The number of amazing home cooks in Arkansas who continually make traditional Arkansas foods for their families is astounding.

Several great women in my family and circle of friends come to mind when I think about great Arkansas food.

okra, vegetables, popular in arkansas
Okra is a popular food in Arkansas. I’ve got some out in my garden right now!

Food common in my house and many other Arkansas homes are:
Chicken fried steak
fried okra: What Does Okra Taste Like?
beans and cornbread
biscuits and chocolate gravy
baked beans
chocolate sheet cake
potato salad
deviled eggs
pecan pie
banana pudding
chicken and dumplings
fried chicken
Poke salad (sallet)
lemon icebox pie
roast with carrots and potatoes
fried potatoes
turnip greens
fried squash

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2. Arkansas BBQ is unforgettable

BBQ is popular in Arkansas and we’ve been cooking it up for generations. Whether at a backyard BBQ or an iconic Arkansas restaurant, Arkansans know a thing or two about good BBQ.

Pulled pork, amazing ribs and whole hogs…Arkansans are good at all of it.

popular food in Arkansas - BBQ

You might also be surprised to know that many Arkansas restaurants have “secret sauces” that have been in their families for 100 years or more!

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2. We love chicken wings

Mild, spicy, fall off the bone tender…Arkansans love chicken wings. In fact, there are countless restaurants in Arkansas that are serving up some of the best wings you’ve ever tasted!

After a plate of these, you’ll be full as a dog tick.

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3. Give me some catfish

I remember going to dinner at the local fish house with my grandparents when I was a child. It was a special treat that I always looked forward to. Arkansans know how to prepare amazing catfish dinners and the hushpuppies on the side were always my favorite.

Fast forward to now and I’m still a lover of great Arkansas catfish restaurants. The atmosphere is laid back and friendly and the food is unbeatable.

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4. Burgers Are Everything

If you want juicy, out-of-this-world burgers, these restaurants serve the best burgers in Arkansas. You’ll never want to go to a chain restaurant again! 

burgers are a popular food in arkansas

Not to mention that some of these restaurants are the most unique places you’ll ever visit.

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5. Coffee: not a food but an essential

Arkansans are also crazy about coffee. Now, I know this is less like “food” and more like “drink” but still…

We can’t talk about food unless we talk about coffee too.

If you’re out and around in the Natural State looking for the best cup of java, you will want to make sure you stop in one of these amazing Arkansas coffee shops. They have the best. Trust me.

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Here’s a question for the real foodies: Does elk taste better than beef?

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