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5 UNIQUE Castles in Arkansas that you have to see to believe

Arkansas is home to several unique castles that each have their own unique story to tell.

One castle is the work of a family in the 1940s, another is a gorgeous event venue filled with princesses and tea parties. You just never know what you might find in Arkansas!

Castles in Arkansas

If you’re looking to buy a castle, get married at a castle, admire a family castle or see castle ruins, you can do it all in Arkansas!

1. Dromborg Castle

The Dromborg is a castle like no other in Arkansas. Located in Fayetteville, this property is nestled in beautiful Ozark Mountains.

At the time of publishing, this castle is on the market!

“The Dromborg was built with more than 4,000 tons of rock – hewn and fitted, stone by stone, as master masons have done since the 2nd century, BC. Here you’ll find livable luxury amid solid oak, solid cherry, solid walnut – carved, sculpted, and molded throughout the 12,000 square feet interior. Corinthian and Tuscan Orders are complemented with classical ornamentation.”source

2. Quigley’s Castle

Known as “Arkansas’s Strangest Dwelling”, Mrs. Elise Fiovanti Quigley designed the home herself in 1943. Like me, Mrs. Quigley loved windows and didn’t want to feel boxed in by walls.

The Quigley's Castle sign.
The Quigley’s Castle sign. Sharon Bart/Creative Commons

“The biggest obstacle was that the design which called for 28 huge windows. Mr. Quigley wanted to wait to build the house because glass was unavailable during the war, but now construction began immediately. Built entirely of lumber off their land and with their own labor, only $2000 in cash was spent on supplies and glass, which didn’t become available for three years. The family survived the winters by tacking up material over the holes in layers.” source

Mrs. Quigley even planted beautiful gardens inside her home! The plants are over 65 years old now!

plants inside Quigley's Castle Arkansas
Through the windows, you can see plants growing inside Quigley’s Castle. Sharon Bart/Creative Commons

The Quigley Castle is a unique sight to behold and became a favorite stopping place for families traveling through the Ozarks. Though this castle isn’t as big as others, what matters is that it was a castle to Mrs. Quigley and her family.

Quigley's Castle in Eureka Springs Arkansas

You can go see Quigley’s Castle here:
274 Quigley Castle Rd
Eureka Springs, AR 72632

It is open March through November.

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3. Ozark Medieval Fortress

Well, the Ozark Medieval Fortess isn’t a castle…yet.

Construction of the Ozark Medieval Fortress castle arkansas
Construction of the Ozark Medieval Fortress. Grand Central USA/Creative Commons

“Ozark Medieval Fortress is a project designed to construct an accurate replica of a 13th-century French castle in Lead Hill, Arkansas. Construction is carried out on the site using only materials and techniques appropriate to the 13th century. The ground was broken in 2009, with the expectation that completion will take about 20 years.” -source

Ozark Medieval Fortress in Arkansas
Ozark Medieval Fortress in Arkansas. Al Turner/Creative Commons

Unfortunately, after years of work, the project closed indefinitely and the site is closed to visitors. I guess building a castle with medieval techiniques isn’t as fun as it sounds.

Ozark Medieval Fortress

4. Magical Castle Treehouses

Now, here’s something fun! Eureka Springs is known for it’s unique places to stay and topping the charts are the Magical Castle Treehouses.

arkansas castles eureka springs
© 2015 Stephen Ironside/Ironside Photography

Yes, it’s a castle and a treehouse all rolled into one amazing experience. But, no worries, there is nothing medieval about the amenities! This castle comes equipped with a king bed, tower jacuzzi for two, secret passage shower, covered deck, TV, DVD player and wifi.

Keep in mind that pets and children are not allowed.

“Both of our locations are approximately 2 miles out of the Historic Downtown Shopping District.
All attractions are within a 5 to 10 minute drive. Restaurants are within 2/10 of a mile.”

castles in eureka springs arkansas
© 2015 Stephen Ironside/Ironside Photography

*Note: The Castles are booked 365 days a year so no tours are offered but you can view pictures and videos online at

You’ll find them here:
3018 E Van Buren
Eureka Springs, AR 72632
Lat:36.392482 Long:-93.727436

5. The Castle on Stagecoach

The Castle on Stagecoach is the perfect venue for any even you have planned. They host beautiful weddings, parties and corporate events.

Little girls love the Princess Tea Party that is hosted here each year too! It includes a horse-drawn carriage ride, complimentary photo, tiara and magic wand, a full English tea service and dancing lesson and a meet-and-greet with princesses! If you’ve been looking for Cinderella, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty, Elsa and all their friends, you’ll find them at the Castle on Stagecoach.

castle on stagecoach AR
Photo by the Castle on Stagecoach

“Unique Castle Venue featuring over 100 acres with stables, cottage and a 40×100 outdoor tent. Available to host all types of events indoors and out!” -source

You’ll find The Castle on Stagecoach here:
6601 Stagecoach Rd
Little Rock AR 72204

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