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6 Abandoned Places in Arkansas that might give you the creeps

Like other states, Arkansas has it’s share of abandoned places that are either quirky or just plain creepy.

Sometimes, just a drive through the backroads of Arkansas will reveal abandoned homes and barns but nothing compares to these abandoned places in Arkansas.

Abandoned Places in Arkansas

Whether you think these places are interesting or creepy, it’s always fun to learn something new about Arkansas’s history!

6. Rush, Arkansas Abandoned mining Town

In the 1880s, zinc ore was discovered on Rush Creek. Like any town where something valuable is found, people started coming in droves. Everyone wanted to stake a claim in the area. Of particular interest was The Rush Valley and neighboring Clabber Creek.

Homes and businesses were quickly built and a thriving community was established lickety split.

But, eventually, the entire town was abandoned.

When was Rush, Arkansas abandoned?

During World War II, some of the processing mills were dismantled for salvage. It was all downhill from there. Amazingly, the post office did not close until the 1950s.

abandoned ghost town in Rush Arkansas
Rush, Arkansas abandoned mining town. Photo credit: Dave Thomas/Creative Commons

It is said that the last remaining residents left in the 1960s. Today, Rush Arkansas stands as a ghost town.

Rush Arkansas Ghost Town

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5. Booger Hollow

North of Dover, Arkansas is the abandoned tourist attraction of Booger Hollow.

Originally, the site consisted of a trading post, post office and a restaurant. To lure travelers to the attraction, a two-story outhouse was built. This created a fun place to stop and take a photo even though the outhouse wasn’t actually functioning.

Abandoned two story outhouse in Booger Hollow, Arkansas.
Abandoned two story outhouse in Booger Hollow, Arkansas. Photo by ARNatureGal/Flickr

“A sign near the town’s entrance reads “Population 7…countin’ one coon dog”. The town also had several novelties available for tourists located in its trading post, which also functioned as the post office and bait shop.

The attraction actually lies a couple of miles from the real community of Booger Hollow, Arkansas. It is also located on a hilltop, instead of within a hollow.” -source

Booger Hollow is now closed and abandoned.

Abandoned Booger Hollow Arkansas

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4. East Calico Rock

East Calico Rock ghost town is unique because it’s the only ghost town in America that is within the city limits of another town.

Abandoned East Calico Rock, Arkansas. Jimmy Emerson/Creative Commons

This makes it a ghost town within a town!

The abandoned East Calico Rock jail.
The abandoned East Calico Rock jail. Jimmy Emerson/Creative Commons

About the East Calico Rock abandoned town

“The tour contains over 20 different buildings and other structures that still exist in one form or another in the oldest section of town. All but two can be seen from the streets.” -source

East Calico Rock abandoned town in Arkansas

3. Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanatorium

Now, this one gives me the creeps. The Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanatorium was established in 1909 near Booneville, AR.

“By the time the facility was closed in 1973, it treated over 70,000 patients, and in time, its main hospital, the Nyberg Building, became known worldwide for its tuberculosis treatment.” -source

About the Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanatorium

This facility was huge. Besides the actual hospital, it also had dormitories, a chapel, laundry area, water treatment plant, a fire department, staff entertainment buildings, and a school for young patients.

Is the Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanatorium completely abandoned?

Actually, no.

Although not completely abandoned parts of this facility haven’t been used since it’s closing. The main building’s first floor has been renovated and is used by Booneville Human Development. The other four floors and the basement are vacant.

2. Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World is a truly unique abandoned place in Arkansas. Where else can you find giant dinosaurs, a 40 ft. tall statue of King Kong and cave men abandoned in the woods?

abandoned dinosaur park arkansas
This abandoned dinosaur statue is quite frightening! Kenzie Campbell/Creative Commons

Many people remember this theme park fondly but, somehow, I missed out on the fun as a kid.

Can you visit the abandoned dinosaur park?

Unfortunately, no.

Today, the park is privately owned and not open to visitors.

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1. Ozark Medieval Fortress

There are several castles in Arkansas but only one medieval fortress. The Ozark Medieval Fortress project began in 2009 with the intention to build an accurate replica of a 13th-century French castle.

The now abandoned Ozark Medieval Fortress
The now abandoned Ozark Medieval Fortress. Grand Central USA/Creative Commons

The project was estimated to take 20 years to complete. However, after 3 short years, the project closed indefinitely and the site is now abandoned.

abandoned medieval fortress in Arkansas

Abandoned Places in Arkansas

Do you know of an abandoned place in Arkansas that should be included in this list? Leave a comment below!

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