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THE TRUTH About Frog Balls, Arkansas

As mentioned in a comedy routine by George Carlin, Frog Balls, Arkansas might just be a fictitious place.

Here in Arkansas, we’ll be the first to admit that we have a lot of weird Arkansas town names. We don’t deny it. In fact, all states have weird names. So, we know we’re not alone.

While doing research for this website, I ran across a mention of Frog Balls, Arkansas. As an Arkansas native, I had never heard of this place so I started doing some detective work.

frog balls Arkansas king frog
If Frog Balls, Arkansas existed, this would be the King.

Is Frog Balls, Arkansas A Real Place?

As it turns out Frog Balls, Arkansas was mentioned by the comedian George Carlin during a routine. Personally, I have read the routine and I wouldn’t recommend it. I don’t particularly like foul language and crude topics so his routine isn’t really for me.

But, I know that there are plenty of funny Arkansas town names and several of them do involve frogs or toads. For example, near Conway you will find Toad Suck, Arkansas. Also, in western Arkansas is the community of Frog Town, Arkansas.

no frog balls arkansas but we do have toad suck
We don’t have Frog Balls but we do have Toad Suck!

However, unless my editor can prove me wrong, there is no such place as Frog Balls, Arkansas.

Sorry y’all.

the truth about frog balls arkansas

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