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5 Beautiful Winter Hikes in Arkansas – Arkansas in Winter

Today I’m giving you the BEST Arkansas Winter Hikes! Whether you want to go backpacking in Arkansas or just find the best views in Arkansas, you won’t want to miss these beautiful hikes.

Winter hiking means no chiggers, no ticks, no snakes, and no bug repellant sprayed all over yourself. Winter hiking in Arkansas is so pleasant and SO worth it.

Best Arkansas Winter Hikes

No bug spray needed. These are some of the Best Hiking Trails in Arkansas!

5. Mt. Nebo Rim Trail – Dardanelle

The Mt. Nebo Rim Trail will give you great winter views of Arkansas. The views from Mt. Nebo are beautiful anytime of the year but there’s something extra special about seeing Arkansas in the winter.

In the winter, everything seems so still and calm. An added bonus is that the leaves are gone off the trees so the view is even better!

Just be careful getting there. The road to the top of Mt. Nebo is a crooked one with many switch backs. You won’t want to attempt this is there is even the slightest bit of ice on the ground.

Mt. Nebo State Park also has some of the BEST tent camping in Arkansas.

You’ll find the Rim Trail here:
16728 West State Hwy. 155
Dardanelle, AR 72834
Official Website

The Mt. Nebo Rim Trail has also been named as one of the most [INCREDIBLE] Arkansas Hiking Loops.

4. Lost Valley Trail – Ponca, Arkansas

A mild yet beautiful hike that follows a creek and ends with a waterfall and a cave. This is very much a four seasons hike, you can cool off in the cave in the summer, enjoy the fall leaves in the spring, see incredible ice formations in the dead of winter, or enjoy the roaring falls and creek after heavy spring rains

For directions, visit this site.

best winter hikes in arkansas
Eden Falls (Lost Valley). Photo credit: Trove1

Lost Valley was named one of our favorite “MUST DO” Hikes in Arkansas!

3. Pinnacle Mountain – Little Rock

The view from the top is beautiful in the winter!

This day-use park offers a variety of outdoor adventure on the Big and Little Maumelle Rivers, in the Arkansas Arboretum, and along over 15 miles of trails including 7 miles of challenging mountain bike trails.

Arkansas State Parks

You’ll find Pinnacle Mountain State Park here:
11901 Pinnacle Valley Road
Little Rock, AR 72223

2. Glory Hole – Huntsville

This water fall is unique anytime of the year but it is especially beautiful in the winter when it freezes.

This has to be the one of the most unique waterfalls in all the Ozarks. Dismal Creek has literally drilled a hole right through an overhanging bluff. Most times of the year, it is nothing more than a trickle, but after some good rain, this is something spectacular. It is also quite a sight in the winter when the waterfall becomes frozen!


GPS: N35 49.326, W93 23.611

winter hiking to glory hole
Glory Hole. Photo credit: Trove1

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1. Alum Cove Trail – near Deer, Arkansas

This trail is a MUST DO in the winter, especially after freezing temperatures.

This trail leads down to one of the largest natural bridges in this part of the country. It is in a beautiful little valley enclosed by a rugged bluff line. The natural bridge is carved from solid rock by a small creek and spans over 130 feet. The trail goes across the natural bridge and then loops.

Alum Cove. Photo credit: Trove1

Co Rd 184
Deer, AR 72628

winter hikes in arkansas
Frozen waterfall at Alum Cove. Photo credit: Trove1

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Arkansas Winter Hiking Tips from the Pros

My friends and hiking experts, Josh and Sarah from Trove1, are here to share some winter hiking tips.

Listen closely…

The best Arkansas winter hikes are not so much specific hikes but instead types of hikes. We would recommend the following guidance for winter hiking:

1. Bushwhacks: Look for hikes that are less traveled that may involve more bushwhacking.

In the summer these trails will lead to a battle with chiggers, ticks, snakes, and poison ivy. In the winter the insects and snakes are gone and the poison ivy is dormant and less likely to cause reactions.

2. Trails without creek crossings: A cool dip in the creek is enjoyable in the summer but not so much in the winter. Trails that are more established will likely have bridges at main creek crossings. More primitive trails may require wading creeks multiple times.

3. Waterfall trails and trails along bluff lines: During cold weather (below freezing) waterfall trails can be beautiful with fantastic ice formations at the waterfall and along bluff lines. Use caution though because large pieces of icicles can fall and could cause serious injury.

Always use extra caution above and below bluff lines or anywhere along the trail. Ice simply increases the likelihood of an accidental slip and fall.

Arkansas Winter Hikes

Arkansas Winter Vacation Idea

Since we’re talking about winter hiking, I want to give you a great Arkansas winter vacation idea! One of my favorite places to visit during an Arkansas winter is Eureka Springs.

Eureka Springs is full of great shops, beautiful scenery, delicious restaurants and even ice skating in the winter.

You can read all about it here:
8 Unforgettable Things to Do in Eureka Springs, Arkansas this year!

arkansas winter hikes
A special thanks to Josh and Sarah for their insight!
Josh and Sarah are an Arkansas family with four children. Both Josh and Sarah were born and raised in Arkansas. You will find them out enjoying the great outdoors via camping, hiking, canoeing or just about any other outdoor activity. They believe that children are a blessing, and love spending time with their children while out enjoying God’s creation. You can check out their adventures on YouTube and Instagram at Trove1.

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