ATV trails in Mountain View Arkansas

Check Out These ATV Trails in Mountain View Arkansas

Mountain View, Arkansas is known as the Folk Music Capital of the World. We have visited there several times to attend festivals or just to sit on the square and listen to the pickin’.

However, many people in the Mountain View area also enjoy off-road riding on their ATV/ORV trails. This area of Arkansas has beautiful, mountainous terrain that is perfect for a riding adventure.

Whether you call it an ATV, ORV, OHV, or a UTV, there is a off-road trail for you near Mountain View!

ATV/ORV Trails in Mountain View, AR

Favorite off-road trails for many Arkansans is in the Sylamore District of the Ozark-St. Francis National Forest.

Here’s the deal: This area of the state does not have ATV/ORV trails like the Mena area (which is swamped with ATV trails) or even central Arkansas which has several excellent ATV riding areas.

The Mountain View area has great trails but they aren’t as well marked. There is not a specific trailhead or ATV park.

In this area of Arkansas, you will find many forest service roads that are also open to ATVs and off-road vehicles. You can download a map of the Sylamore District here.

You will notice on the map that the trails look like a web of veins that run all through the wilderness. You must follow the map and stay on the ATV trails. However, after contacting the ranger station, I was told that you are permitted to travel from one ATV trail to another on main roads.

This is an ATV friendly area. Just be sure to get back on the ATV/ORV trails as quickly as you can.

Can I ride on the Leatherwood Wilderness Area?

No. Nope. Absolutely not.

Follow signage and stay off of the Leatherwood Wilderness area. This area has been set aside for wildlife only and they don’t think too kindly of ATV riders treading on this land. Many of the ATV trails are around this area so follow your map and don’t cross over where you shouldn’t be.

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Is there camping near the Mountain View ATV trails?

There are two great primitive camping areas nearby where you can camp between rides. You will find the Barkshed Campground and the Gunner Pool Campground here. You can trailer your off-road vehicle to these campgrounds and set up your primitive camp. However, you cannot ride your ATV directly from the campground to the ATV trails. You must trailer your ATV to the specified ATV trails.

Barkshed Primitive Camp

Barkshed is a primitive camp near a clear mountain stream. It was the old “Barkshed Forest Camp” and was the show-off place for visitors to the forest. The picnic pavilion at the top of the hill was used for many such events.


There is a $5 fee per site at Barkshed

Directions: From Mountain View, take Arkansas 14 west for 17.3 miles. Turn right (north) on Forest Service Road 1115 (gravel) and go 2.1 miles. Turn right on Forest Service Road 1112 and go 1.4 miles.

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Gunner Pool Recreation Area

The Gunner Pool Recreation Area offers a campground stretching along the scenic North Sylamore Creek. Campsites are shady and private, but have no electrical or water hook-ups. This recreation area is located within the Sylamore Wildlife Management Area.


From Mountain View take Arkansas 14 west for 14.2 miles then right on Forest Service Road 1102 (gravel) for 3 miles. Not recommended for large trailers or Recreation Vehicles (RVs)

atv trails in mountain view ar

Where can I park my truck and trailer?

Good question. There is not designated a trailhead or parking lot for your truck and trailer. Instead, you will have to find a wide area where you can safely pull off the side of the road and unload there. Make sure you are well away from traffic and on a good level place that will make it easy for you to unload your ATV.

What happens if I get off the ATV trails?

After you look at the map, you will understand how these trails can be confusing. However, there is a ton of fun to be had in this area. Just follow your map!

If a ranger notices that you are not on an ATV trail, be kind, show them your map, and where you are trying to go. They will help you get back on track.

Be honest. Follow signage. Tread lightly.

More information

Forest Service Website

Sylamore District Map

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