does arkansas have moose

Does Arkansas have moose?

Arkansas does not have native moose. However, we do have large populations of deer and elk. Deer hunting is very popular in Arkansas. Elk herds can be observed in Ponca, Arkansas.

No Moose but plenty of Elk

People come from all over to watch and photograph the Rocky Mountain Elk herds in Ponca. You can view the Elk year round but Fall is an especially fun time to watch them.

The Elk enjoy grazing in the fields along the Buffalo National River between Ponca and Boxley, immediately after sunrise and again in the late afternoon.

does arkansas have moose

Where to find Elk in Arkansas

To find them, simply drive from Ponca down Hwy 43 to the south, keeping an eye on the fields on the east side of the road (watch for traffic, too!). Roadside elk-viewing spots can be had anywhere from the Ponca access to the trailhead for the Buffalo River Trail on Hwy 21, about a 7-mile range. -source

After you view the Elk, you can check it off your EPIC Arkansas Bucket List!