does arkansas have an nfl team

Does Arkansas have an NFL team?

Unfortunately, Arkansas does not have an NFL team. Arkansans who want to cheer for an NFL team usually choose a nearby team such as the New Orleans Saints, Kansas City Chiefs, or Tennessee Titans.

Why doesn’t Arkansas have an NFL team?

There are many theories as to why Arkansas doesn’t have an NFL team like the lack of a large population center and that there are already NFL teams in neighboring states.

Texas has the huge metropolitan areas of Dallas and Houston to host two NFL teams. Arkansas doesn’t have cities of that magnitude that can even compare.

The second theory is that Arkansas is already surrounded by NFL teams like the Titans, Chiefs, Cowboys, and Saints so there wouldn’t be a large enough fan base here to support a team.

Does arkansas have an NFL team?
Many Arkansans cheer for the Kansas City Chiefs

NFL Teams that Arkansans can cheer for

I am an Arkansan and my family cheers for the Chiefs and the Saints because they are nearby. It would be difficult to give that loyalty up even if an NFL team moved into Arkansas.

If you are an Arkansan, there are many neighboring NFL teams to choose from:
New Orleans Saints
Tennessee Titans
Dallas Cowboys
Houston Texans
Kansas City Chiefs

Just please don’t pick the Cowboys.

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