treasure hunting in arkansas

Treasure Hunting in Arkansas – Legends, Rumors, & Paydays

Arkansas is well known for mysteries surrounding hidden treasure especially when it involves treasure hidden by outlaws. That is why so many people go treasure hunting in Arkansas.

Where to go treasure hunting in Arkansas

  1. Some of the best places to go treasure hunting in Arkansas are in historic places, on trails where Civil War troops traveled, and on river banks.
  2. Another good place to detect is around old swimming holes. Many people drop things our of their pockets or bags while spending a day at their favorite swimming spot. Besides digging on a sandy beach is easier than digging in hard ground!
  3. If you are an Arkansan, it would be wise to start in your own backyard. We have done metal detecting at each house we have owned and on both of our acreages of land. The weirdest part is that we found old buried spoons at each location! Old spoons aren’t exactly a pay day but they are interesting finds.
treasure hunting in arkansas
Treasure hunting in Arkansas is adventurous!

Is there buried treasure in Arkansas?

  • There have been rumors and legends about the buried treasure of Jessie James. Legend has it that he buried his treasure near one of his outlaw hideouts in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.
  • Other legends claim that John Crittenhouse recovered $150,000 worth of gold coins from a sunken Union gunboat during the Civil War. Supposedly, he buried the treasure in a cave near Clarendon.
  • Tales have been told of treasure that was buried on Stuart’s Island on Lake Chicot (near Lake Village). It has been told that a bandit named John Murral possibly buried two treasures there in the early 1800s.
  • The Hermann Family buried five large ceramic jugs of gold coins during the Civil War in different areas of their farm. The farm was in Dutch Mills. Rumors say that after the war only three jugs were located by the family. -source

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Things to remember before you go treasure hunting

Before you go venturing all through the Ozarks of Arkansas looking for buried treasure, be sure to reference reliable maps and review regulations. Also, make sure you stay off private property unless you have permission. Many areas have been damaged by people who trespass.

Always have an understanding of the laws before you begin.

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