what is heber springs arkansas known for

What is Heber Springs Arkansas Known For?

Heber Springs, Arkansas is known for several things including world-class trout fishing, the clear waters of Greers Ferry Lake, sailing, hiking, camping and retiring!

Heber Springs was originally founded as a health resort in the mid-19th century.

To me (and many others) it’s still a “health resort” due to the relaxing waters of Greers Ferry Lake and the tranquil atmosphere of the Little Red River.

Well, that’s only partly true. Greers Ferry Lake is definitely relaxing until you get on a tube and get slung all over the lake after you haven’t been on a tube in 20+ years.

Ask me how I know.

After that experience this summer, my entire body was rebelling against me but the adventure of it all was worth it.

Pro tip: When your camping neighbor pulls up in his boat and asks your entire family if they’d like to go for a spin, the answer is yes!

Camping in Heber Springs

That’s a big part of what Heber Springs is known for: camping.

I have camped in Heber Springs and all around Greers Ferry Lake all my life. This town and this lake provide some of the best camping in the entire state of Arkansas.

With so many campsites around the lake, that means a huge influx of campers during camping season. For us, that means an opportunity to meet new friends.

Campground on Greers Ferry Lake - things to do in Heber Springs
Campground on Greers Ferry Lake

We meet people from all over the country who come year after year to enjoy Heber Springs and the lake.

And let me tell you, some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet are camping right here in Heber Springs, Arkansas.

Hiking in Heber Springs

Besides camping, Heber Springs is also known for great hiking.

Bridal Veil Falls
Bridal Veil Falls

Some of my favorite trails are:

Bridal Veil Falls

Collins Creek Cascade

Sugar Loaf Mountain Trail

Sailing on Greers Ferry Lake

I was surprised to find out this summer that Greers Ferry Lake is popular among the sailing crowd.

We’ve been watching sailboats all summer from our campsite at Heber Springs Park.

Sailing on Greers Ferry Lake
Sailing on Greers Ferry Lake

Apparently, the Greers Ferry Yacht Club is right around the corner from where we are camping.

The Greers Ferry Yacht Club has a very active group of sailors who share the enjoyment of sailing on Greers Ferry Lake… They are not like what may be the stereotypical yacht club with a fancy clubhouse and members walking around in blue blazers. They just enjoy sailing and socializing together.


Retiring in Heber Springs Arkansas

When we camp, we like to visit with other campers. In fact, that’s was everyone here does. We like to find out where others are from, what brought them here, etc.

Many of the people we have met while camping in Heber Springs have retired here. A lot of them were from other places and they grew up driving to Greers Ferry Lake each summer to camp. So, when the time came to retire, they headed straight for Heber Springs.

Greers Ferry Lake at Sunset
Greers Ferry Lake at Sunset

We met a couple yesterday who are from Wisconsin. They bought a house in Heber Springs four years ago after having such a great time camping around the lake.

They now call Heber Springs home and still enjoy camping with their other retired friends even though the lake is only about 2 miles away.

World-Class Trout Fishing in Heber Springs

Greers Ferry Lake was created by the dam that was built on the Little Red River. Today, the Little Red River is stocked with trout from the Greers Ferry National Fish Hatchery.

As a result, the Little Red River boasts world-class trout fishing and attracts fishermen from all over the country.

Little Red River in Heber Springs, Arkansas
Little Red River in Heber Springs, Arkansas

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