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Is a Vacation in Arkansas Worth It?

So, you’re wondering, “Is a vacation in Arkansas worth it?” If you like gorgeous lakes, delicious food, friendly people, unending activities, and amazing coffee shops then the answer is yes! A vacation in Arkansas is worth it!

However, maybe you’re not into those sorts of things.

Maybe you like smog, rude folks, boredom, and chain coffee shops. If so, I wouldn’t suggest an Arkansas vacation. 😉

In Arkansas, we know how to have fun and we like helping others let loose.

6 Reasons Why a Vacation in Arkansas is Worth It

We have beautiful State Parks.

52 of them actually.

Yes, Arkansas is proud to have 52 state parks. That means, we have a state park to provide just about any activity you want to do.

If you like to camp, you can head on over to Lake Dardanelle State Park in Russellville. If you’re the hiking type, Devil’s Den State Park in Fayetteville is for you.

Maybe you aren’t “outdoorsy.” Don’t worry about it! The Natural State has something for the city slickers too. Take a trip to Hot Springs State Park and enjoy shopping, unique restaurants, and bathhouse row.

A vacation in Arkansas is worth it. Bathhouse Row in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
Bathhouse Row, Hot Springs Arkansas. Image by Booth Kates from Pixabay

We abound in kid-friendly activities.

The population of Arkansas is made up of all sorts of folks including countless families. This kid-friendly state loves to cater to the kids in your life by providing activities for all ages.

Water parks, camping, hiking, museums, trolley rides, caves, watersports and even a wildlife refuge where you can see lions and countless other animals!

If your kids love trains, the whole family can take a ride on the Arkansas Missouri Railroad. That right there is enough reason to say that a vacation to Arkansas is worth it!

While you’re on the train, be sure to check it off your EPIC Arkansas Bucket List!

Is a vacation in Arkansas worth it? Turpentine Wildlife Refuge
Check the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge off your EPIC Arkansas Bucket List! Image by Andreas Breitling from Pixabay

We know how to cook.

Whether you’re after Cajun catfish, the best cinnamon rolls in Arkansas, Indian food, or beer and Philly cheese steak, Arkansas offers it all.

We have restaurants with breathtaking views and others where the BBQ is so good that you might just sleep on the sidewalk and wait for the restaurant to open again the next day!

Is a vacation to Arkansas worth it? The best cinnamon rolls in Arkansas are in Sherwood.
Travel to Sherwood to find the best cinnamon rolls in Arkansas. Image by Ernesto Pasini from Pixabay

Home Brews are our “thing.”

We have several breweries in Arkansas that are cookin’ up something amazing.

Diamond Bear, Bike Rack Brewing Company, Lost Forty Brewing, and Flyway Brewing are a few of the local favorites.

Is a vacation to Arkansas worth it? Photo of a glass of beer
Image by Mabel Amber from Pixabay

We know coffee.

The coffee alone is worth making a trip to Arkansas for!

Who needs big chain coffee shops when the locals are crafting the best coffee in the state? Not me!

Campfire Coffee Bar, Red Kite, Onyx, Dark Side Coffee Co., and Fort Smith Coffee Company are all recommended by the locals.

A vacation to Arkansas is worth it! A photo of a latte

We love “outdoorsy types.”

Arkansas is known as The Natural State and that also means that we dominate when it comes to outdoor adventures.

Camping, rafting, fishing, hunting, ziplining, hiking…we have it all!

One of my personal favorites is floating the Buffalo River. That is one of my favorite memories as a teenager and I can’t wait to take my kids when they get a little bigger!

Is a vacation to Arkansas worth it? Floating the Buffalo River
Oh yeah, floating the Buffalo River is on the EPIC Arkansas Bucket List too! Image by Daniel Byram from Pixabay

So, is a vacation in Arkansas worth it?

You tell me.

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