WWII Bunker Maumelle Arkansas

Hiding in Plain Sight in Maumelle, Arkansas are 3 WWII Bunkers

Maumelle, Arkansas is a town just 20 minutes from the capital city of Little Rock. It has a population of about 19,000 and is a popular residential area for folks who work in Little Rock. What most people don’t know is that this town is home to three WWII ammunitions bunkers.

We recently took a trip to The Big Dam Bridge in Little Rock/ North Little Rock. While we were in the area, we searched Google Maps for a nice place to picnic on our way out of town.

Our Google search led us to Lake Willastein Park in Maumelle.

Lake Willastein Park Location

About Lake Willastein Park

Lake Willastein Park is a stunning 100-acre park that’s fun for the whole family. Its annual events attract residents and visitors alike. There are also gazebos, charming pavilions and plenty of places to sit and relax. –source

Lake Willastein Park in Maumelle Arkansas

WWII Bunkers In Maumelle

What I found most shocking about this park are the 3 WWII ammunition bunkers that are in the park.

The U.S. Government came in here about 1941 and built about 21 bunkers in this area. They were for storage for the picric acid that was used for munitions. They built it here because it was a centrally located place and safe from all of the enemies,” said [Assistant Director at Maumelle Parks and Recreation Gordon Borst]. Only five bunkers remain now. –source

WWII Bunker Maumelle Arkansas

This bunker was built in 1942 to store ammunition for the military. It’s is 61 feet by 27 feet with its original doors, walls and ventilation shaft.

[It has] a rounded roof and ventilation stack. It is covered with earth, with a trapezoidal concrete side wall exposed, which has a steel door at its center. –source

The original door on this WWII Ammunition Bunker
The original door on this WWII Ammunition Bunker

The sign on the bunker reads: This property has been placed on The National Register of Historic Places by The United States Department of The Interior.

Things To Do In The Area

While you’re in the area, you really should take the 15 minute trip to The Big Dam Bridge.

The Big Dam Bridge is the longest bicycle and pedestrian bridge in the world designed and built for that purpose.

You can read all about it here: Big Dam Bridge in Arkansas – The Longest Pedestrian Bridge In The World

Other things to do near Maumelle are all right here: 10 AMAZING Free Things to Do in Central Arkansas

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