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THE TRUTH about Lake Balboa in Arkansas

Lake Balboa in Arkansas is the largest private lake located in the resort community of Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.

Recently, I heard Lake Balboa mentioned and I wondered how I have lived my entire life in Arkansas and this was my the first time hearing about it. Well, I started doing some research and I realized my problem.

See, Lake Balboa is one of the recreational lakes in the resort community of Hot Springs Village and to enjoy it you must be a property owner or a sponsored guest of a property owner.

That counts me out. I’m friends with the wrong people!

Sunset over Lake Balboa in Arkansas
Sunset over Lake Balboa in Arkansas. Captured by Summer Whittington McCoy

Apparently, I need to make friends with a property owner over there because Lake Balboa is beautiful and the fishing is great too!

Hot Springs Village sits on 26,000 beautiful acres in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. This resort community is the largest gated community in the nation.

“With 11 recreational lakes, a popular water activity one can take advantage of is lake kayaking. One can create a kayak adventure and hit 11 different bodies of water while here.” -source

Lake Balboa is the largest lake in Hot Springs Village and there are also great walking trails in the area.

Lake Balboa AR spillway
Lake Balboa spillway. Photo by Summer Whittington McCoy

Here is a bit of good news for anyone who wants to enjoy Lake Balboa and any of the other recreational lakes in Hot Springs Village, there are several VRBOs in the area that you can rent! This will make you a “sponsored guest” which will give you lake privileges!

“Lake Balboa is the largest lake in Hot Springs Village at 944 acres, allowing for fishing, swimming, and water sports. The lake has a large sand beach with rentable shade shelters and a covered pavilion with picnic tables, restrooms, fireplace and grill. There is also a boat ramp and full-service marina offering boat and slip rentals.” -source

Keep in mind that Lake Balboa is only about 25 minutes from Hot Springs, Arkansas. That means you can enjoy a great family vacation in Hot Springs as a FANTASTIC alternative to Hot Springs Village!

P.S. There are excellent activities for kids in Hot Springs!

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