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8 Jokes About Arkansas: Because There is LOTS to Laugh About

Normally, jokes about Arkansas have something to do with teeth, shoes and cousins. But, have you heard the one about…

You just can’t shock an Arkansan. People joke about how we don’t have teeth, we don’t wear shoes and we marry our cousins. Yeah, we know…we don’t go to school past the sixth grade either.

It gets old.

But, is any of it true? Well, I don’t have all my teeth…if you’re counting wisdom teeth. I had those removed back in college. My parents spent loads of money making sure my pearly whites were pretty and straight and they weren’t about to let a rogue wisdom tooth throw the entire train off its tracks.

So, yes, I’m missing some teeth but I bet you don’t have your wisdoms either. Although, my husband still has his. He is so wise.

What about shoes? Do we wear them? Well, only in the winter or if we go to town. 🙂

When I was a kid, we lived outside all summer and we ran barefoot. That was the fun part about being a kid! By the end of the day, the soles of my feet would be jet black from dirt. I think my immune system was stronger because of it.

I know Arkansan kids aren’t the only children who run barefoot in the summer. I’m part of a group of parents and grandparents from all over the world and their mission is to get their kids outside as much as possible. And, the dirtier they get, the better.

As for our schooling, there are 45+ colleges and universities in Arkansas. Yes, we attend school beyond the sixth grade.

Funny Arkansas Jokes

So, today, I’m going to give you some Arkansas jokes that are actually funny!

1. Say it out loud

What did Tennessee?
Same thing Arkansas.

2. The trick is in the “ID”

An Arkansas State Trooper pulled over a truck on I-40. He said to the driver, “Got any ID?”
The driver said, “Bout what?”

3. We love our name!

Did you know Arkansas is in the Bible?
Noah looked out the Ark and saw.

4. It’s true, y’all.

Want to know what the humidity is like in Arkansas?
Take a shower, don’t dry off, and then get dressed.

But, don’t worry. Winter in Arkansas is nice and not humid!

5. If you know, you know.

Did you know the three wise men were firefighters from Arkansas?
The Bible says they came from a far.

What is a pirate’s favorite state?

7. I believe it!

What’s the Arkansas State Bird?
The mosquito!

jokes about arkansas
Actually, we have lots of interesting Arkansas insects.

8. I love a good story

What is the tallest building in Arkansas?
The Central Arkansas Library. It has the most stories!

While you’re in town, don’t miss all the FREE Things to Do in Central Arkansas!

Jokes About Arkansas

Now, wasn’t that fun? And not one joke about me not having my wisdom teeth!

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Normally, jokes about Arkansas have something to do with teeth, shoes and cousins. But, have you heard the one about…

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