can you swim in lake ouachita

Can you swim in Lake Ouachita?

Swimming in any of our Arkansas lakes is an experience of a lifetime. We have some of the clearest lakes in the nation that are perfect for a day on the water.

Many Arkansans and tourists like to head down to the Ouachita mountains for a nice family vacation in Hot Springs.

One of the most popular spots in the area is Lake Ouachita. It’s a short drive south from our home in Central Arkansas, so we like to go to Lake Ouachita as much as we can.

Can you swim in Lake Ouachita?

As you know, some lakes are for fishing whereas some lakes are perfect for swimming.

Well, Lake Ouachita is perfect for both! So, yes, you can swim in Lake Ouachita! Pack your swimming gear and head on down.

Lake Ouachita is a great swimming lake.

Lake Ouachita is a 40,000 acre lake that is perfect for swimming and any water sport you can think up. Many people enjoy skiing, boating, kayaking and even scuba diving!

can you swim in lake ouachita
Lake Ouachita is great for swimming!

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Best swimming beaches on Lake Ouachita

Lake Ouachita has two great swimming beaches at the state park. The first swimming beach is near the marina. There are also great picnic areas nearby.

The second swimming beach is called Spring Beach. It’s on the north side of the state park next to Three Sisters Springs. Spring Beach is near the cabins that are for rent in the State Park.

Download a map of the state park here.

Pro tip: Lake Ouachita also has jellyfish!

Lake Ouachita has rare jellyfish (non-stinging) and sponges found in very few freshwater lakes. Scuba divers from all over the world enjoy the underwater experience as well as the special spear fishing season. -source

Lake Ouachita is also a great fishing lake.

Bream, crappie, catfish, striped bass, and largemouth bass can be caught in open waters or quiet coves. -source

Lake Ouachita has been called “the premier striper fishing lake in the state.” -source

Lake Ouachita State Park
5451 Mountain Pine Rd
Mountain Pine, AR 71956

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