when does lake ouachita get warm enough for swimming?

When does Lake Ouachita get warm enough for swimming?

Although some people aren’t afraid to jump in Lake Ouachita before it fully warms up, the rest of us are too chicken. We don’t like gasping for air after our bodies go into shock from the cold water.

If you’re headed to Lake Ouachita for some great camping or just a day on the lake, you may be wondering, “When does Lake Ouachita get warm enough to swim in?”

The bravest swimmers start jumping in on Memorial Day weekend. It’s still chilly then but it’s not too bad once you get acclimated.

when does lake ouachita warm up for swimming
Lake Ouachita is a beautiful Arkansas lake for swimming!

It’s especially tolerable if you’re doing a water sport and your body is warmed up already.

The rest of us prefer to wait until July for the best water temperature. By then, Lane Ouachita has had at least a full month of warm air temperatures and sunshine to help warm the water.

If you’re looking for especially comfortable water temperatures, hold out until August! So, pack your tent because Lake Ouachita has some of the best tent camping in Arkansas! If you’re not a tent camper, no worries! There are plenty of places to park your camper too.

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